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Savage 93r17tr, Proper Bedding

The Savage rimfire rifles are tack drivers right out of the box. There is simply no denying that Savage is leading the charge with accurate rifles in both centerfire and rimfire. But if you are like me, good can always be better! 

I recently bought a new Savage 93R17 TR. This is the Tactical version of the venerable 93 series rifle. Kind of a “One Shot-One Kill” for close range varmints of rabbit and prairie dog size. 93r17tr
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Savage 93r17 Diy Bore Guide

Do It Yourself Savage 93R17 Bore Guide 


This is a quick little project to build a bore guide for the Savage 93 series rimfire rifle. I’m not aware of anyone commercially producing a bore guide that extends completely into the chamber of these types of rifles. Without the bore guide extending completely into the chamber, you risk scratching the chamber which could lead to hard loading and extraction and ultimately hurt accuracy.
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A Varmint Bench With A Twist

If you do much shooting in the Prairie Dog Towns out west, you need some type of shooting bench. I wanted a bench that had the following atributes:

Easy to carry
Cheap to build
Would allow use of a professional “benchrest” front rest.

The first requirement is all relative. As long as I can throw it on top of the Jeep or in the back of the Pick-Up, I’m a happy camper. I would set a cost of less than $200 for the second. The third specification took a bit of head scratching. And the last meant Three legs of a very sturdy nature with the seat not attached to the bench. Every bench I’ve tried with the seat attached had way to much movement for accurate distance shooting.

Here’s what I came up with:


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Remington 5mm Magnum & 5mm Craig

I’ve been threatening to write this article for some time now. I
found a few folks that have been doing a lot of shooting and reloading
for the 5mm Craig. One of them offered to write this section for me. As
it turns out he got really tied up with work and family and just can’t
get to it. So you’ll have to put up with me! 

Let’s get started. Remington introduced two rifles chambered
for a new rimfire cartridge in 1970. The cartridge was the 5mm
Remington Magnum. It was supposed to put the nails in the coffin of the
then new Winchester 22 Magnum. Yeah right! They were only produced for
four years with approx. 32,000 total rifles produced. Two versions. The
591 was a clip fed rifle and the 592 was tube feed.




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Prairie Dog Conference 2000

Once again, “A great time was had by all!” This was my third PDC. As we did last year and the year before, my friend Paul Picard, drove up from Florida to Massachusetts and a few days later we headed west. This year we had a “new guy” with us. Another friend of ours, Paul

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