Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf 19RR Toy Hauler

I decided I needed something a little larger than my Palomino Bronco truck camper. And I wanted the use of the truck while camping. It simply isn’t practical to remove a truck camper at every camp site. And if my wife or grandkids want to stay in camp, I can’t take off with the camper still in the truck.

My requirements were:

Under 20′ for ease of towing and manuvering

Must be a “Toy Hauler” so I can take my motorcycle and have room to work on hobbies while on the road

Must have a REAL shower. No standing on the toilet to take a shower!

Must have a real bed that I can sleep in without removing the motorcycle. (Amazing how few small toy haulers accomplish this feat. Pull into a rest stop to sleep a bit and you need to remove the motorcycle(s) to access the bed…)

Must carry at least 50gal fresh water

Dual propane tanks

Lots of free roof area for “Off The Grid” solar system.


Months of research led me to only one TH (Toy Hauler) that met ALL my criteria……Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf 19RR.

Link to Forest River Specifications Page

As you can see, it has a fantastic layout for one or two individuals on an extended trip…..

I’ll be towing it with a Dodge Cummins Diesel 2500 4X4……At 4100 pounds I won’t even know it’s there!

If you’ve read any of my other articles on this web site ( ) you will know I can’t leave anything “unmodified”….In the motorcycle world we call modifying a motorcycle…”FARKLING”


Here is all the stuff I’ll be installing over the long Labor Day weekend (2015)

I’ll take you on a little tour

I plan on utilizing the indoor and outdoor loudspeakers, but I might replace the factory radio / CD player so I will use this A/B speaker selector switch

A small, LED reading light for over the bed:

I love this all-in-one alarm clock, inside/outside temperature gauge, DC volt meter…and you can change color from red to blue. Red doesn’t mess with your night vision. It will be mounted next to the bed. Runs on 12V so the time always stays accurate.

LED Flood Lights on all four sides of the camper. I’ve already installed three sides. This one will go over the front hitch

Great when backing into a dark camp site. I plan on installing a camera back here also.

New stereo amplifier with PA capability for use at motorcycle rallies I officiate

Digital thermostat ….looks much more modern and easier to use.

This is a great reading lamp for over the couch. The head removes and it is a rechargeable LED flashlight. Got it on Amazon.

Got to have a place to recharge stuff. These units have a USB charge jack, cigarette lighter jack and a voltage display. I’ll mount them here and there to be accessible.

Meters…Three will be installed…AC Volts, AC Frequency (60hz), DC Volts

Motion sensing porch light….Great unit that I had on the truck camper.

1000watt inverter

With remote status and power access

150A circuit breaker for above

outside access port for XM satellite radio feed and a cigarette lighter socket

XM Radio, MP3 Player and Maps

And now for the solar installation

Two 140watt AltE panels

Bogart Engineering SC-2030 Solar Controller    Link to Bogart SC-2030 Info

Bogart Engineering Trimetric TM-2030A system monitor Link to Trimetric ionfo  (500A Shunt shown)

Two Duracell Group 31 AMG 12V batteries

So that’s the STUFF…………….

I’ve already started some of the modifications.

First I removed the small, useless, cabinet from the rear corner of the TH

And relocated it as an end table to the side of the couch

In the corner I will be building an entertainment center that will be 45 degrees to the walls…TV, Stereo, Game Console…

One note…Upon removing the power center, stereo, microwave, etc…I couldn’t believe the amount of trash, papers, sawdust that the manufacturer left behind. Kindling? All that wood, paper and sawdust might start a fire? I guess Forest River can’t afford a vacuum cleaner!

I also found that the vent on the fresh water tank was never installed. Upon filling the tank water starts pouring out of the vent onto the ground under the trailer. This causes onlt about 45 gallons of water to be loaded and the fresh water tank is open to bugs, road stuff and God forbid you travel through some high water, you just contaminated your fresh water supply. I attached a hose to move it higher and covered the end with a piece of screen. At some point I’ll figure out a way to snale a hose up to the fill cap where it is supposed to be connected.

Added a few coat hooks in the bedroom

Created a much larger “Changing Area” at the foot of the bed by relocating the curtain track

Relocated the light switches so I can reach them from outside without having to enter the trailer. Bought this switch panel at the local RV store

This leaves room in this area for the solar monitor panel, switches for outside lights and the inverter remote panel. Not sure if I’m going to reinstall the door. Might just leave it off and fill the holes with “Wood Color Stick”

All the wires are run for the outside lights and the new range hood that should be here any day.

Added “POP-A-Plate” and Paper Towel holder

Bungy cord in the medicine cabinet to keep stuff in place while underway


Install Solar

Install new outside  storage access door for under bed area

Install “Fence Post Cover” sewer hose storage under trailer

Fabricate new battery box

Get the hell out of here and go CAMPING!


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