Bandsaw conversion to DC drive…Wood to Metal Cutting Conversion

I have a horizontal bandsaw for cutting steel stock to length. It is an amazing time saver and a great asset if you do a lot of metal fabrication.

This type of saw can be used in the upright position to cut metal on a small table. But it is inconvieneient to convert to this position. I wanted an upright metal cutting bandsaw.

But MAN, are they expensive. Way too much $$ for a small home hobby shop. So I bought a small three wheel portable bandsaw and attempted to slow it down with an AC Speed Controller.

BAD IDEA!  This thing had very little power and although I could cut thin aluminum and thin sheet metal, anything more and it would bog down. I sold it and bought a floor mounted, 14″ Woodworkers band saw fro Harbor Freight. At the time, with a coupon it cost me around $200.

But even on the lowest of its three speeds, it was too fast for thicker metals and it ate steel cutting blades.

So converting it to a DC motor with variable speed control was the way to go.

A few years ago, Surplus City offered “Tread Mill Motors” with control boards for $39.00 each. I bought a dozen of them and have used them on all kinds of woodworking equipment. They are great for this type of use. I figured I’d addapt one to the band saw also.

It was quite easy to replace the AC motor with this DC Treadmill motor.

I left the pulley system in place so I could manipulate the speed as I wished,

And I mounted the control board nearby:

The potentiometer was mounted on the front of the band saw:

A couple of simple paint brushes were brought into play to keep chips off the drive wheels:

New “Cool Blocks” were used to replace the plastic blade stabilizers

This was the way I used the saw for a number of years. But truth be told, the Tread Mill motor was not up to the task and stalled when cutting anything over 1/8″ steel. It needed ca better, stronger, motor.

I had converted my JET 12 X 36 BD lathe to DC drive using a Dayton, 90volt, 3/4hp motor with an SCR controller and it has been magnificent.

So the search was on for another DC, 90v, 3/4 HP motor.

Best price I could find was AMAZON.COM An AMARINE, 90v, 3/4hp motor was $179 including shipping. I ordered it on Friday and it was at my door on Saturday afternoon!

Permanent Magnet Dc Motor, 3/4hp, 56c, 90v/1750rpm

  • Highest quality oriented magnets
  • F insulation class
  • CE listed, CE file No. DW2011CE0047 01
  • 56C face and Removable mounting bases for dual mounting versatility
  • Continuous duty; Dynamic balanced armature for smooth operation; Totally Enclosed Non Vent; Double seal ball bearings with permanent grease filling for long life; Long life brushes;

This new motor was even easier to install than the treadmill motor. All the mounting holes lined up perfectly.

I modified the mounting plate with a couple pieces of threaded rod to maintain constant pressure on the drive belt

A new DC controller was needed. I turned to SURPLUS CENTER for a SCR board

This is a great controller that I also used on my lathe conversion


ITEM NUMBER: 11-2269                   PRICE: $81.95

Wiring was extremely easy.

This can also be found on the SURPLUS CENTER web site:

and here:


Just to be nice, I gave the old gal a new speed control knob;

Here is a video showing the saw cutting metal:


Also on YouTube:


Hope you enjoyed this little article

Lots more here:


Thanks for looking!



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4 comments on “Bandsaw conversion to DC drive…Wood to Metal Cutting Conversion”

  1. Steve Reply

    I did the conversion just yesterday using the DC motor. Found both parts on Ebay a bit cheaper than Amazon. Bolted right up and works. Thanks for taking the time to make this video.

  2. Jason Reply

    Any chance you could email me some closer pics of the wiring of this setup I have never wired anything before and am confused by the diagram.

    Does the outside power come through the controller before it goes to the pot and the motor?

    The diagram asks for fuses between the controller and the stop switch? Did you do that?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Roy Bertalotto

      Sorry, I do not have any better drawings of the wiring. I’d suggest you contact Surplus Centrr, where I purchased the control board got more info. Yes, I did usd fuses where needed.

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