A Couple Reloading Sites I Think You’ll Like

I’ve been reloading Metallic Cartridges for over 40 years. The best thing that ever happened to this hobby was the internet. I can remember when a bunch of folks from all over the country used to get on our Radio Shack “WebTV” devices every night and share stories and information. Now there are thousands of sites on the internet dedicated to this endeavor.

Here are a few I recommend highly:

Cast Bullets   http://castboolits.gunloads.com/   A great site that deals exclusively with cast bullets rather than jacketed bullets…They refer to them as the “J” word over there

AmmoGuide   http://ammoguide.com/    This is a subscription site that will cost you $18.95 a year. Best $19 I ever spent. A great resource. You can check out a demo for free

Load Data   http://www.loaddata.com/     This is another site you need to pay to use. But it has just about every load for every cartridge that has ever been developed by the powder manufactures, bullet makers and other. If you reload, this is a fantastic resource

American Single Shot Rifle Association    http://www.assra.com/  A fantastic wealth of information for shooters of single shot rifles. A no fee forum

Cowboy Actiuon Shooting City (CAS City)  http://www.cascity.com/   From Cowboy Action shooting to buffalo rifles to civil war firearms…It’s all here!

Paco Kellys Leverguns    http://www.levergunscommunity.com/   The place for Lever Action information. A free forum

Single Action Shooting Society (SASS)  http://sassnet.com/  Everything you ever wanted to know about Cowboy Action Shooting. The official site of SASS

The Varmints Den   http://www.varminthunters.com/   High precision benchrest / varmint type rifles are your thing. Here is your place!

The Small Caliber Forum  http://www.saubier.com/  A little jewel of a forum. Great folks with a wealth of knowledge about anything smaller than 25 caliber.

Accurate Shooters  http://www.accurateshooter.com/   Great site withb a fantastic forum and even better articles. Plan on spending lots of time here!

Just so you know, I receive no compensation from any of these sites. I just list them as a service to the reloading community…Be Safe!


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