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Our 17th year of scrambling eggs has come to a close. The last Egg Shoot of the year is the Randy Costa Memorial Shoot.  George Harrison, Randy and I started shooting these events 17 years ago over at the Copicut Rifle Association. A few years later I took over the duties. The event grew so large we couldn’t host them at Copicut and needed to move it to the Woodcock Range where it is now hosted. Randy passed November 27, 2005 and he is dearly missed. RIP.

WHAT A SHOOT! I’m hear to tell you, in my entire 44 years of competitive shooting, I’ve never seen a more perfect day for precision rifle work as October 7, 2012. When I say there was zero wind, I mean ZERO. The leaves at the tops of the trees weren’t even fluttering! And it was just slightly overcast so the light was perfectly defused and the temperature was a perfect 60 degrees. It simply don’t get no better!

And the results prove me out. With conditions like this, I told Jeff to BUT LOTS OF EGGS. Cause we be break’n em’.

The folks from the Cape Cod Club donated a bunch of dozen that they had left over from their last shoot of the year and with what we bought we went into the even with 80 dozen…..and I don’t think we had enough left to make a good omelet!

A few things before we report the scores. David Lee Valdina donates a free membership to GOAL, the Massachusetts version of the NRA, at every shoot. I make out a form and award it via the drawing. This form needs to be made out and sent to me so I can submit your membership. We awarded four forms, but I’ve only seen two come back. If you don’t want a membership and won a form, either give it to someone who will use it or send it back and I’ll award it to someone else. In any event, THANKS Dave!

This year at the shoots we had nearly zero prizes to give out.  We need someone to hound-dog this for us. Gift certificates from our local gun shops are an excellent way for them to get folks to walk through the door. Far better than giving “stuff”. With a gift certificate the winner must visit the shop. And if the salesfolks are any good they will walk out with a very light credit card! Help us out with this. Much appreciated.

So…on to the scores!


100yd Scoped Handgun

Dave Nuttall beat all comers with 15 eggs hit with 17 rounds fired. Nice work Dave!

100yd Rimfire

Well,…..We had a three way, sudden death shoot-off between Fred DeSantis, Steve Travers and Frank McLaughlin. All three of these folks hit 15 eggs with 15 rounds using a sporter rimfire rifle with a maximum of 9X scope…..Frank took the trophy. But ya gotta admit, that be some fine shoot’n by these three blokes!

200yd Factory Centerfire

Four shooters got themselves into a sudden death Shoot-Off. All four hitting 15 eggs with 16 rounds at two football field lengths. See, I told you conditions were perfect! Keith Baenziger, Bob Ping, Frank McLaughlin and Dick Heinold “went to the bench”………But someone had to win and Keith took home the Gold!

200yd Super Sport Centerfire

Tony Almeida edged out Bill LaPlume to take the trophy. Nice work fellas!

200yd Custom Class Centerfire

Here’s where the big boys and girls play! This gets very interesting….Mike Ramella and Jonathan Wong went to the line for a Sudden Death Shoot Off. But to make it extremely competitive, we decided to use “Pool Cue Chalks” as targets.  You know, those little 3/4″ square thingies that you use on the end of your pool stick. An 1/8″ hole was drilled into each one and they were suspended on a wire out at 200yds! Even with a 25X spotting scope I had a hard time seeing them. Good thing most folks shooting in this class have 36X or better scopes.

So the shooting start…….Jonathan “HIT”, Mike “HIT”, Jonathan “HIT”, Mike “HIT”………and this goes on for 23 rounds!!!!!!!!!!!!! TWENTY THREE pool cue chalks hit at 200 freak’n yards without a miss! And during the Shoot Off, Jonathan’s rifle starts soft hitting the primers and the bolt has to be taken totally apart and cleaned out so his gun would go BANG! Mike was gracious enough to allow the alibi as he wanted the match to be won or lost on shooting and not equipment failure.

So Mike hit 11 chalks in a row, but Jonathan hit 12……….Jonathan was the winner, but I’m hear to tell ya, I;’ve never seen such precision shooting in all my life. Don’t forget, the targets are some 8″ apart and they are spread out over a linear distance of some 25 feet! You are moving your rifle right to left a huge distance to acquire the target.  Benchrest shooters keep their rifles in a relative same position. Moving very little to take sighters and then back to the target. These boys are moving the rifles all over the place. And 3/4″ at 200yds is 3/8” 0r .375 group for 11 and 12 shots at 100 yds…………absolutely amazing! GREAT shooting Mike and Jonathan!

300yd Factory Centerfire

It was Keith’s day with a 14 eggs with 21 shots to win it.

300yd Super Sport Centerfire

Only one shooter and a DNF………

300yd Custom Class Centerfire

When you’re hot, you’re hot. And Jonathan Wong was hot this day to take the 300yd Custom class also.


So that’s it! A great day………..Great food supplied by Bob Ping (THANKS BOB!), great folks and a great time………….see ya all next year!


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  1. Dave nuttall Reply

    Roy, thanks to you, Jeff and all that help to put these shoots on. It’s always a good time.

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