April 2000


April 30, 2000

Well we lucked out again! Every time we book a shoot, no matter what the weather forecast is, it turns out beautiful. This shoot was no different. The forecast was for downpours and 20-30 mph winds! It rained like heck right up until 7:30am and then the rain stopped and the sun came out just in time for a 9am start. The winds stayed strong but relatively constant. At times, we witnessed 20 mph gusts. This weather thing is starting to bother me. My friends think I have some magical power over it. The real explanation is just ‘Clean Living’!

Eighteen shooters and over two dozen spectators showed up for the event. Considering the forecast, I’m surprised anyone showed up! I think it is interesting to note that we had half the shooters travel over an hour to attend this event. A couple of folks even came from far enough away to stay in the local motel. Thanks for coming!

Before we get started with the results, we need to ‘tip the hat’ to Ronald Blanchard (New Bedford, Mass). Ron showed up at 7am to help me set up. He set all the targets, posted the sighters, and reset most of the eggs through out the day. Ron wasn’t even competing, he just came to help! Because of Ron’s help, this was one of the smoothest events yet. I would also like to thank Randy once again for signing everyone up and handling all the money. Thanks guys, I couldn’t do it without ya!

With the winds blowing pretty good all day I didn’t expect to see many eggs broken. Boy was I wrong! We had a three-way shoot off at 200 yds and for the first time ever, a four-way shoot off at 300 yds. The custom guns were where the action was. Custom rifle at 200 yds started out with Randy Costa (New Bedford, Mass) shooting my new Nesika Bay 6BR going 5 for 5 after shooting only three practice rounds. This was followed by Gary Maciel (Mattapoisett, Mass) shooting a superb XP-100 rifle in 6BR also going 5 for 5. Bob Sicina (Buzzards Bay, Mass), after a bit of on site load development. Also went 5 for 5 with his custom benchrest 40X in 6PPC. All these splattered eggs led to a three-way sudden death shoot off. After Randy and Gary missed their eggs and Bob connected he was declared the winner. I must note that after the shoot off Randy asked if he could take out the remaining eggs just for fun and he went 15 for 15. A fine piece of shooting!

In factory rifle, Jon Wong (Westport, Mass) took both 200 yds (5 for 5) and 300 yds (5 for 6). His 40X in 308 was just shooting fantastic. Although he was challenged by both Brian Wilson (E.Harwich, Mass) and Bob Newman (Somerset, Mass) in both 200 and 300 it was Jon’s day. Bob Newman went 5 for 8, which on any other day would have been enough to win the factory 300.

Custom rifle at 300 yds came down to sudden death between Ray Piche (New Bedford, Mass), Bob Sicina, Gary Maciel, and Randy Costa. After a bunch of egg scrambling, Bob Sicina once again proved the winner. Considering the wind, all these boys should be congratulated. An egg at 300 yds is one small target!

David Stark (Sherborn, Mass) won the 100yds scoped rimfire rifle. Excellent shooting considering how much those little 22 bullets were being blown around.

We created an ‘On The Spot’ category for black powder, iron sights at 100yds. Craig Mashoke (Dennis, Mass) brought along a beautiful Winchester HiWall in 40-65 and proceeded to show us how the buffalo hunters would have done it. I’m going to have to make up a special trophy with a big ol’ 500 grain lead bullet hitting the egg ( see ‘egg shoot’ photos in my photo album at www.rvbprecision.com ).

Well that’s it from here. The next egg shoot will be in June. See my home page www.rvbprecision.com for the rules, dates and other information.

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