April 2009

Woodcock Rifle Range Egg Shoot Results for April 26, 2009

A great day of shooting was had by all. Weather could not have been better! Even the 20 mph winds simply made the shooting “interesting”.

300 yard custom and the 100yard classes shot first.

300 Yd Custom Rifle:
Jonathan Wong once again was not t9o be beat. He scrambled 14 eggs with 22 shots.

300 Yd Factory Rifle:
Robin Quilitzch took the honors with a score of 12 eggs with 29 shots

100 Yd Hunting Rifle, Centerfire:
We ended up with a sudden death shoot off between Gordon Guisti and Bob Pingitore who both went 15 for 15. Although both shot superbly, Gordon was the ultimate winner.

100 Yd Rimfire:
Raymond Cianci took the trophy with a score of 15 eggs with 20 rounds

100 Yd Handgun:
Four shooters went to the line. Gary Maciel took home the bacon with a score of 15 for 15.

200 Yd Factory Rifle:
This event ended with a three way sudden death shoot off. Bob Pingatore, Steve Travers and Bob Lis were the contestants. But in the end, Steve Travers took home the trophy and the Savage gift certificate. Good Shooting Steve!

200 Yd Custom Rifle:
Only one shooter went 15 for 15. The winds were a bugger in the afternoon. Gary Maciel took the top honors with his 15 for 15.

See you all on May 24th!

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  1. Anitalametida Reply

    any time u are cleaning your rifle you alywas use a cleaning patch to run trough your barrel then u look through the barrel and if u still see carbon [little black things in your barrel] then u need to do it again keep this up till you don’t see anything in your barrel.now making sure u have a good zero means that the bullet hits were u aim [where your cross hairs meet most ppl make that 100 yards but it depends on your cal. and the trajectory of your round]the reason is because sometimes you can knock off your zero while cleaning.also i have head that for high precision wepons there zero can be off because of a really clean barrel so the fbi has this lube or stray that helps that and it helps with your cold bore shot to but that is what i have heard dont know if it is trueany way u should alywas check your zero before u hunt just so u know it is on.take it easy

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