Egg Shoot Results May 2012

Couldn’t ask for better weather!

We had a great turnout for our first shoot of the year. The April shoot was rained out (Only the second time in 17 years that an Egg Shoot has been cancelled!) The weather gods are usually with us.

Thanks to Bob Ping for the fantastic Chili. As always, he simply keeps getting better with his recipe.

Also, Thanks to Richies Sporting Goods for the generous donation of two gift certificates. Be sure to stop into Richies to say HI if you are in the Westport Mass area (Mouse Hill Rd). David Lee Valdina donated two memberships to GOAL, the Gun Owners Action League here in MA. One was won by Kat. She filled out the form and got it back to me. But I’ve not seen the second membership. If you won it, fill it out or email me your info so we can get your membership started.

And let’s not forget Steve and Jeff who cut the grass, weed whacked, set everything up, bought the eggs, took it all down and sat out in the hot sun setting eggs for the entire day! THANK YOU!


OK on to the scores:

100 Yard Handgun:

A sudden death shoot off resulted between Dave Nuttall and Ken Cummings. It went back and forth a bit but Ken proved victorious! Nice shooting biys!

100 Yard Rimfire:

This shooting resulted in a four way sudden death shoot off. But in the end someone had to win and that was Frank McLaughlin. A special note about a new shooter. Monica came to the match having never shot an Egg Shoot and being new to shooting in general. She used a borrowed Contender pistol against the rifles. Shooting a 17HMR barrel. And got herself into the Shoot Off. Great shooting!

200 Yard Factory:

The Gold goes to Gino Federichi! He bested everyone with some fine shooting in very tricky winds. Way to go Gino!

200 Yard Super Sport:

Bill LaPlume and Steve Buck went head to head right down to the last eggs. But in the end, Bill took the trophy. Nice work!

200 Yard Custom:

Joe Bartoshevich came to his first Egg Shoot and went home with a trophy! Hope to see you at more shoots Joe.

300 Yard Factory:

Gerry Miller had his Remington “Spot On”. 300 yds in the tricky winds we had is quite a feat. But Gerry shot through it and won.

300 Yard Super Sport:

Bill LaPlume and Ken Cumming were the board leaders. But in the end, it was to be Ken’s day. Ken takes home his second award of the day!

300 Yard Custom:

Against extremely stiff competition, Steve Buck would not be undone and won the 300 yd custom class. Nice!


So until the next shoot!

Keep em in the black!


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