TEDNA by Zenith ….Ejector to Extractor Modification

I recently purchased a Tedna PRIME SE12T over and under shotgun in 12GA. Its a beautiful shotgun with outstanding fit and finish. CDNN in Texas was closing them out for $399 and I simply couldn’t resist adding a 12Ga  O/U to my growing shotgun collection.

I love everything about this shotgun…except the ejectors. It eject the empty shells into the next ZipCode! If someone was behind you, they could possibly get injured. And I’d much prefer extractors as I reload these shells and extractors make it much easier to retrieve.

It turns out it is extremely easy to deactivate the ejectors.

First remove the forend and the barrels

On the side of the barrels locking lug there is a small ball that you depress. Holding the ball down, the extractor activator can be slid down so the extractor can be slid out of the barrel.

Once the extractor is out of the way, a very heavy spring and plunger can be removed

Simply leaving this spring and plunger out as you reassemble will allow extraction, without ejection.

But the shells do not extend very far and are a bit tough to grab.

To solve this you can modify the ejector spring to just barely budge the shells out by shortening this spring as needed.

I didn’t want to modify the springs as someday I will sell this shotgun and the new owner might want ejection.

So I cut a couple of simple spacers from a 16P carpenters nail.

each 1″ long

In my parts drawer, I found two springs that with fit into the ejector holes and fit on the plungers (Gotta love a “parts drawer” with over 40 years of stuff accumulating!)

With the 16P “nail” spacer inserted into the ejector hole

And the spring and the plunger following…and the extractor reinserted..

The shells now are easily grabbed and removed

I didn’t try it, but maybe a ballpoint pen spring would be ideal. The spacer would need to be shortened or lengthened as needed.

This is a very easy modification for the “Kitchen Gunsmith” to perform.

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