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I was in the need for some umbrella stand holders and after searching on Ebay and Amazon a Google Search led me to FlashZebra.com.  I ordered three “Umbrella Adapters” Item #0041.  Ordered on December 29th, had them in my hand January 2. Now that’s quick service. I paid $14.00 each so I wasn’t expecting anything great. But I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the package and saw the quality of the product.

Here is what you get for your $14.


The bracket, two brass adapters and an aluminum hot shoe adapter. I had a concern about that aluminum hot shoe shorting out my strobes, but upon inserting the strob into the aluminum hot shoe you can see it was designed so the contacts on the bottom of the strobe do not touch the aluminum. Most of the other adapters I looked at had a plastic hot shoe adapter.

The Swivel bracket is made out of an injection molded polymer like the type being used in modern firearms. Extremely durable. All threaded holes have chromed metal inserts. This should make the head 100% weatherproof. The large adjustment handle is spring loaded and can be pulled out and reset in any position. In this way when you tighten it down it will not be in your way. Other Umbrella Adapters I looked at did not have this feature….Nice!

Lon Coleman is the owner of FlashZebra and they bill themselves as the “Off Camera Flash Solution”. They carry all kinds of adapters, cord, light stand accessories etc. A new company with great customer service. Check them out!

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