Porsche 911 Hood Strut Replacement

Lose the wooden dowel!

This is a very easy repair that will replace the weak, failed hydraulic struts with new, improved units. Pelican Parts sell two version of this strut. Standard and Heavy Duty.


911-511-331-00-M24Front Hood Shock, 911 (1965-89), OEM version

911-511-331-00-M117Front Hood Shock, 911 (1965-89), Heavy-Duty Version (pressure = 430N)

As of this writing they were $15.25 and $15.50 each,  respectively. It’s a no brainer, go for the heavy duty and be done with it for years.

Tools you will need:
Screw Driver
A wooden dowel or broom handle to hold the hood open as you work.

The strut is a simple affair.  A hydraulic cylinder with an eye at each end.


There are two struts holding the hood open. One at each hinge


They are held at both ends by a steel pin and a little clip, top and bottom.


Remove the clip by opening the top end as shown in the picture above, and sliding the clip down.


Once the clip is off, the pin easily slides out.


The picture above is the bottom connection point. This pin is a little tough to get the clip on and off. A small pair of hands can help.

You might need to take some weight off the strut to make the pin removal easier. Be sure the hood is supported as it will slam down with only one strut attached.

Once the pins are out, remove the strut, install the new unit and reverse the procedure to install the pins and clips. Done…..And you don’t even get your hands dirty!


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