Dodge Ram 2500 Dash Modification

I recently sold my Truck Camper and bought a Toy Hauler, bumper pull trailer. The Truck Camper tied me down to the campsite and simply wasn’t big enough for the travels I’m planning

I decided to upgrade my GPS to a Garmin RV760LMT…This GPS allows you to input your RV’s dimensions and it helps to keep you off roads, bridges and tunnels that could cause problems. My last GPS Garmin 2730 had a jack for a remote antenna, so I mounted it low on the console and attached a magnetic mount antenna to the roof. Worked great! This new GPS does not have a remote antenna feature and mounted down low on the console it would lose satellite signal. I needed to mount it higher.

Here is the dash as it appeared from the factory:

I had also added a 7″ TV screen for a rear view camera on the truck. This greatly eased hooking the trailer up. This screen was mounted down low, next to the previous GPS;


First order of work was to remove the factory AM/FM radio and relocate it at the bottom of the console. This was easier to write than it was to do! I had to remove lots of plastic and steel and then fabricate a trim panel and a couple of side mounts to make it all fit.

Once that was done my attention was focused to the GPS and the rear view camera screen.

The GPS simply needed a plastic filler plate for where the radio lived and a mount for the GPS

Finding a place for the rearview screen was much more challenging. I decided since I didn’t need it all the time, it could be mounted in a “Drawer”

I fabricated a slide mount out of a few pieces of aluminum and mounted the screen on a hinge

The drawer pulls out and the screen flips up

It simply slides into this pocket to store:

When installing the CB radio I realized that I had a small space under the radio that I could leave the SWR match box

Sirius / XM radio receiver mounted next to the heater controls

All the rest of the “junk”….Air Bag gauge, CB Radio, Cell Phone holder, Trailer Brake Controller…

Finished Product!

I mounted a second rear camera on the trailer. This aids in backing into a campground and to simply see what is behind the trailer when traveling.

This camera communicates to the rear view screen wirelessly using a simple $10 transmitter and receiver available from Amazon

The new GPS unit included another wireless camera. Since I already had a screen and two cameras..truck and trailer, I used this third camera inside the trailer to keep an eye on the motorcycle strapped down within:

The red toggle switch is to turn the camera on and off as needed.

So now I’m ready for the road!

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Thanks for looking!



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2 comments on “Dodge Ram 2500 Dash Modification”

  1. Dan Walton Reply

    Well thought out very nice job!
    Enjoy the toy hauler set up, i’ll be interested in seeing your modifications .

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