HONDA 2000i / 2200i Storage Sloution

Now that my trailer has a large capacity solar sysyem, the only time I use my Honda 2000i generator is for AirConditioning and my wifes hair dryer.

I usually haul a pair of Honda 2000i generators in the bed of the truck. Even though the truck has a cap, the dust still gets into everything while on the road.

Searching at Home Depot for a solution, with tape measure in hand, I found RUBBER MAID #0141 / #42 (these are the numbers on the bottom) totes with covers.

When I put the Honda into the tote they fit perfectly! But the covers had a slight bulge as the generators are about a 1/2″ too tall for these totes.

A solution was to cut a strip out of the top to accomodate the Honda’s handle and then cover with a piece of plywood sealed with Dicor.

A couple coats of clear finish and done….

Now they are protected during transport, and the totes with the new top make great tables when sitting around camp…..Nice!


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