Roofnest Falcon Handle DIY

The Roofnest Falcon is a great Roof Top Tent (RTT). When you purchase it, they include one handle. And it is a VERY nice handle. If you want or need more handles they are $40 each. Don’t get me wrong, they are worth $40 each as they are extruded or cast aluminum, anodized and beautifully formed.

Roofnest Falcon Handle

I needed five more handles and $200 is just more than I can spend right now.

A quick trip to ACE Hardware and the Garage Door Parts section turned up these little beauties!

Prime-Line 6 in. L Steel Bottom Lift Handle

Item #52044| Mfr #GD52130


For a wooping $8.99 for two!

They are galvanized steel. Can be painted or left in the silver color.

A bit of stainless steel and aluminum hardware and you are good to go.

First, I needed to make the little treaded blocks that slide into the Roofnest tracks and the handles bolt to.

Easily cut from a piece of 3/16″ aluminum bar stock (also from ACE HARDWARE) using a jig saw or a band saw or a Hack Saw.

I made mine 7/8″ long X 1/2″ wide x 3/16″ thick

Next drill a #4 hole in the center and thread it for a 1/4-20 Bolt.

I used Stainless steel allen head bolts that I had to trim to proper length with a hack saw and used stainless steel washers.

Slide the aluminum blocks into the groove….Bolt the handles on like all the Roofnest accessories and you are done!

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