I recently built a portable generator using a 100Ah AGM battery and peripherals. You can read all about it here on my web site

To charge it I bought a 120w folding power panel

I used a 150w inverter to charge my new laptop and drew the battery down to 80%

Up here in New England, the sun is very low on the horizon. I set the panel up on my dark, wood deck and to get good sun I had the panel nearly vertical with just a few degrees tilted back. I was seeing 4.8A with the sun being filtered through a few leafless trees.

Seeing my yard covered in snow I tried an experiment. Moved the panel off the deck and into the snow. 

with the reflectivity of the snow I saw an increase of an average of 1A

BTW…By charging from 9am to 4pm my battery was back up to 98%……Not bad considering the suns height, length of charge and tree branch filtering. Should be great this summer or when I go to New Mexico in January

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