Charles Daly Miroku Superior Grade Trap Ejector to Extractor Modification

Picked up a used Charles Daly Miroku Superior yesterday and it needed a couple simple modes….

First remove the very 1960s white line spacers

Second… I’m not a big fan of ejectors. And this gun could fling spent shells into another county!

I removed the two V springs that must have come from the rear axle of a tractor trailer…..

If you simply remove the springs, the cases only extract a little and they are difficult to grab, especially with gloves…


So I made up a set of round wire springs to just nudge the shells from the chamber…


And simply inserted them into the forend…


Works Great!

Now they are easy to grab


And like before, only the fired shell ejects to the fullest


Liking this new addition to the collection!

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