Constant Pressure Mold Handles

During a lead bullet casting session, it is not unusual to cast upwards of 100-200 bullets during a 30-40 minute period. At first you are holding your bullet mold handles very tightly, but as the session wears on, your hand and grip might become tired and you relax the grip on the bullet mold handles. This causes your bullets to be heavier and possible out of round and over sized.

Thinking about this problem I modified a simple set of Vise Grip locking pliers to hold the two halves of the mold in perfect tension, from begining of the casting session to end. The frollowing pictorial outlines in pictures how to make your own “Constant Pressure Bullet Mold Handles”

You start with a simple set of “Deep Reach” locking pliers. I would suggest a cheap import pair as they will not be hardened to the level of the brand name “Vise Grips” and therefore easier to cut with a simple hack saw.

First, remove the flexible jaws by grinding or filing off the rivet heads and driving the rivets free.

Grind the rivet holding the stationary jaw so it and the jaw can be removed

This jaw is going to be cut as shown

The turned in section at the top of the jaw is removed

And holes are drilled to reattach to the locking pliers handles

The turned in section of the movable jaw is removed

And the bottom of the jaw is sectioned like so

This sectioned jaw will be welded to the movable part of the handle

Once welded up, the rest of the movable jaw is contoured to look pretty

Holes are drilled to accept the bullet molds. I used an actual bullet mold to determine the hole size and placement.

Here are the constant pressure handles with the mold installed

Finished project!

I hope you enjoyed this little project. Be sure to visit the rest of my web site for other ideas and be sure to visit the photo album for lots of stuff.



Roy B





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6 comments on “Constant Pressure Mold Handles”

  1. badluther Reply

    I really like the concept and will have to make some up for my casting. Thanks for posting!

  2. Stu Reply

    I lack the ability/skill for welding, any chance you’d be willing to sell two pairs of these? If so how much would you want?

    Also, do they hold 4 and 6 cavity blocks or just the 1s and 2s?

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