Cz-527 Rifle Magazine Conversion

We perform a modification to the magazine and the trigger guard on the CZ-527 that converts the exposed, some feel rather ugly, drop down magazine to a more modern looking flush mounted magazine.



Here’s what we do:

Mill the trigger guard to a flush bottom fit.
We do not offer blueing, so we coat the trigger guard with KG GunKote 2400 Teflon Semi Gloss finish. This is a baked on finish that is Mil Spec and matches the factory finish very well.
Cut the magazine down to a flush fit. Depending on caliber, roughly 3/16″ of the magazine will extend down below the stock

We then modify the magazine release to clear the bottom plate of the magazine.
WE NO LONGER OFFER THIS SERVICE ON THE CZ IN 22 HORNET, or any Hornet Based cartridge or any rimmed cartridge!…CZ has changed these magazine to include lots of plastic parts that do not lend themselves to this procedure and feeding problems result. Rimmed cartridges simply do not lend themselves to a shortened magazine……We can modify the trigger guard on a 22 Hornet rifle for $65 including shipping back to you. The modified trigger guard still works with a standard, long 22 Hornet magazine.

The cz-527 in ……6.5 Grendel, 7.62, 222, 17Rem, 221FB, 204 Ruger and 223 Rem and other “rimless” cartridges work great….

All of this is done for $125.00 which includes shipping back to you. Extra magazine can be modified for $75 each. But be aware, a standard length magazine will still fit the conversion. Some folks purchase a second magazine from CZ and keep it long for when more fire power is needed. This conversion will result in the magazine holding two rounds. Although some magazines will hold and feed three rounds. Its the luck of the drawer in how hard or soft your particular magazine spring is. We guarantee two rounds feeding properly.

You need to ship us the trigger guard, the magazine and the magazine finger release.


Please Email us for shipping instructions. Do not ship anything without emailing us first.    Be Aware….We suspend service during certain times of the year for traveling, hunting trips, etc

This service is only available in the USA. Magazines can not be shipped or received outside of the USA. Sorry!

Turn around time is 10-14 days



Here are what some folks are saying about our work:


Package received yesterday and rifle reassembled.    Nice fit and Finish.    Happy with your work.    Thank you….Mark


Parts arrived in the mail yesterday. They look great. And the magazine seems to take 3 cartridges of 762×39 just fine. Now I’m just waiting for the new stock to arrive from Boyd’s so I can get the rifle reassembled and see how it handles without the magazine sticking out. Thanks for everything…..Mike G.


hello roy, received everything today and once again a wonderful job. thank you and hope to send another soon, if i can find another,i am always looking but its getting harder and harder. can’t understand why cz discontinued the 527?….. Mike


I got all my CZ parts today. I haven’t unwrapped them all but so far they look fantastic!  Thanks! Carl



Everything looks great and works perfectly. Thanks for doing this for me.

Have a Great Day


Hi  Roy

I received my clip today all I can say is you do amazing work thank you very much might be contacting you again sometime I’m all the time buying a gun …Kenny

Hello Roy,

Just received the mag today. I couldn’t be more pleased, nice job!
Thanks again Rick

Got the parts back today. They look awesome! I couldn’t be happier! Thank you sir…Tony


I put Sweet Pea back together last night (I was born in Tennessee so I name my rifles ) and she looks great!  I have the 2-Round magazine you made me and a couple of factory 5-Round magazines and they all latch in and out and cycle perfectly.  The finish is excellent, and the magazine latch is tight, but I live in fear of magazines falling out (at the worst possible moment) and prefer them that way. So I am very pleased, and thanks so much for the quick turn-around.


Hi Roy – I just got my CZ 527 bottom metal & magazine back today – and they never looked so good ! What a terrific job you did!
I love the conversion to the shorter magazine – the rifle looks 200% better, and the parts you worked on would pass as “factory” !
The metal finish is a perfect match to the rest of the gun, and I don’t find a need to file a second finger recess in the stock wood, opposite the clip release – so it looks like I’m good to go.
Thank you, very much, for doing such a nice job – and in such a timely manner, too.


My CZ conversion arrived today. Excellent job! It adds a touch of class to an already fine little rifle.


just wanted to say thanks. My CZ-527 looks pretty sharp with the magazine conversion.


Thank you for the quick turn around and beautiful job. Makes the rifle look
much better and easier to


Got the

parts back for my CZ today. They look great, and seem to function like they

Thanks for
a painless transaction and doing exactly what you said you would in a timely


Hello Roy    received the .17 & .204
parts sat 6-30-07,  you did a supper job on all the parts, and after
putting the rifles back togeather I could not be more pleased. they now look
like custom rifles instead of looking junkie with the long clips and gussets on
the trigger guards. thank you for such a great and timely job   DW

Hi Roy,

Just got
the parts back today.  Great Job!  The fit and finish are excellent
and the operation of the magazine so far is flawless.  It’s a 100%
improvement over the original design.  And, to top it off, it can hold
three rounds (I was expecting only two).


I posted a few pics on some forums that I frequent so hopefully you’ll get some
more business your way.

I can’t tell you how happy I am with the mod.  Outstanding job, sir.

Captain David XXXXX  USMC

Semper Fi

Received my parts yesterday in the mail. Just want to let you know

am very pleased with the results. After seeing the completed conversion,

will probably buy another CZ.

Best Regards,

Aloha Roy,

> Your work must be a
labor of love . To get that quality of

> craftsmanship for

> $75 today is very rare.
Thank you very much, it works perfectly and

> makes carrying the gun
much easier, not to mention the smart looks.

> Right On Brada’

> Tom

Hi Roy,
Thank you for the work you did on my CZ 527.  I have several groundhog rifles ranging in caliber however my CZ in 22 Hornet has become my favorite.  The flush fit makes for easier carrying and I have not have any feeding problems to report.
Thanks, Brent


My carbine parts arrived today.  If you had a customer survey I’d rate your service very satisfying!  Fit, finish and function are all first rate and the rifle can now be carried in one hand at it’s natural balance point.  I never did understand CZ’s thinking on a mag that so completely ruined the gun’s ease of carry.  Who needs a 5 round mag for a purely sporting gun. Personally I’ve never had time to take more than 2 shots at anything.
Anyway, a job well done and I will recommend your work to others at every opportunity!


Parts came today, everything looks and fits good…If I do more CZ’s the same conversion will be in store for them.
Glad I found you, thanks!

Finally got the time to put the CZ 527 back together with the trigger guard and magazine that you modified.  The rifle looks great.  Thanks for the fast service and excellent work.

You do good work!! Fits perfect, looks great, thanks a million.

Hi Roy – just returned from a trip and unpacked the trigger guard you did for me. It’s great and looks so much better than the original design.

Thanks very much

Roy  I got my clip conversion back yesterday and WOW what a good job you did.  I could not be more satisfied with your work.  I also have a cz 527 in the 204 ruger . the clip & parts for it will be in the mail today I want the same thing done to it(I cant stand to look at it after seeing your job) the check will be with it.  thanks for the superb job…….  lee
got my 204 clip back last week and it was a outstanding job.  thanks lee
The parts arrived for my CZ, and I want to thank you for turning them around so quickly!! Wonderful job, and my sincere thanks to you! Parts look really good, and I should get the rifle back together soon.
Thanks again!!
Don Simmons
Got the parts back today- all I can say is WOW!!!! Much better looking than the factory parts. Thanks so much!

Hey Roy,

I got the parts, they fit and function great.  Haven’t shot it yet but I’ m excited to.
Thanks a bunch.


Hello Roy.
Just a note of “thanks” and to say how much I appreciate the fine job you did on my CZ 527 parts.
My rifle now has a great new look that makes it match my six other CZ’s.

Roy,  The trigger guard arrived this afternoon.  It looks great, fits great, and cycles just fine.   Thanks for the quick turnaround.  You have a very satisfied customer.  Jimmy

Dear Roy got parts back looks great thanks looks like the clip will hold three bullets. thanks again.  JHD

Roy,  I am well pleased with the work and surprised at the quick turn around…..THANK YOU for the quality work and I will recommend your services to my friends and might have another one of my own to do at a later date…….may you stay as busy and you want to and God Bless…Tommy

Roy,  Just installed CZ parts, it’s perfect. I’ve had this rifle for about 8 years and wish i would’ve done this a long time ago. I have another mag  want to get done in the near future, I’ll email when its on the way.   Thanks again   SamC

Hi Roy,  Received the parts today. Everything fits and works fine. Thanks for the fast service and the gun looks great!   Have a great Easter holiday.   WL
 Hi Roy.  I just wanted to say thank you for the GREAT job you did on my 527 trigger guard. It makes it look like a new gun.  thanks again for the outstanding job. Bye for now. Ed.

Roy, very nice work. Improves the looks of my 527 fs and turn around was extremely fast, barrel hardly had time to cool. Thanx for good work, very pleased. Gary

Ray,   I received the parts and they look great.   Thank you   Matt

I rec. my CZ527 , 7.62×39 parts you modified in fast turn around time. They look and work great and magazine holds 3 rounds easily. Great work. Thanks Kenneth

Thanks so much for your time. Very impressive work. It is really very good.  Sincerely, Aaron

Roy, Parts arrived Kauai today. Gun reassembled. Looks great! Â Mahalo, Â Clyde

Roy, Received it and it looks good.   Thanks, Drew H

Roy,   Parts arrived today. Very nice work and very quick turn around. Re-assembled rifle and it looks great. Will air it out this week at the range.       Thanks again, Mike

 Roy,   I got the CZ 527 magazine and trigger guard that you recently modified.  It looks great.  Thank You,   Ed

Received and installed the parts today, looks so much better, everything looks and operates first rate, am very satisfied as I thought I would be, thank you very much!  AB

Roy, The CZ trigger guard arrived and it looks great.  Thank you for a great job and quick turn around…..Matt

Thank you for your excellent service,  quality, and timeliness.  I haven’t taken these magazines to the range but anticipate good results. …..Tom

6-12-20….Got the parts on Wednesday and the rifle profile is so much cleaner. You do great work and the rifle looks and carries so much better.  The shortened magazine holds two rounds, correct?….Bob G

(Yes, two rounds in the magazine…..)

If you have any more questions, please feel free to call or email?..

Thank You

Roy Bertalotto


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40 comments on “Cz-527 Rifle Magazine Conversion”

  1. Anonymous Reply

    Is there any way to lengthen the mag or perhaps add an AR15 type bottom on the cz mag for .204 cal? It would be great for my predator shooting.

  2. Don Vandewerker Reply

    Has anyone modified the CZ 527 magazine so as to accept LOA rounds? There seems to be a piece of plastic in there that is not necessary.

    • Roy

      What caliber magazine are to talking about. Some of the magazines (222 and 221 Fireball) might have a plastic spacer, and yes, it can be removed to feed longer cartridges. The 223 series magazines (204, 223, 17 Rem) do not have spacers.

    • Roy

      Yes, the spacer can be removed from the Hornet and it should still feed fine.

  3. Mach1v Reply

    Does anyone know if there are any differences between the CZ527 .222 and the .221 fireball

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  6. O.B. Wallace Reply

    Need mailing instructions for cz 527 22 hornet magazine to be shortened. Do you think it will feed properly after this cut-off…let me know. Thanks.

  7. Roy Bertalotto Reply

    Roy, I got the magazine a couple of days ago. IT LOOKS AWESOME! Thanks so much for the quick turnaround. Justin Sip of was very impressed with the quality of workmanship.
    Merry Christmas.
    Thank you.

  8. George Reply

    Do you do this conversion on a left hand CZ 527 .223? If so, I need shipping and payment instructions. Thanks.

    • Roy Bertalotto

      Gee, no one ever asked. I don’t think there is any difference in the trigger guard and magazine on the left hand CZ527….In fact, I didn’t know they made a left hand version.

  9. Don Pyle Reply

    Would like to have a larger Magazine ( maybe up to too 10 rounds ) , 223 cal. for CZ527 Varmint, for prairie dog hunting. Has any one ever had this done. Anyone customize the magazines for this?

    • Roy Bertalotto

      We don’t offer this service, but any good gunsmith should be able to weld two magazines together and create a larger magazine.

  10. Fred Minchhoff Reply

    Hi Roy , just got my modified magazine and trigger guard back and it is GREAT ! The rifle was always uncomfortable to carry in front of trigger guard, now it is a pleasure! Thanks , for a great job. Fred M

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  12. Vince Hannah Reply

    Hello Roy
    I have a 527 Varmint 17 Remington as well as a 527 221FB Could I purchase a factory bottom metal and magazine from you and have them modified ? Of course I would Pre-pay before you

  13. David Harris Reply

    I am in need of a CZ 527 Magazine catch, mind was lost while I was adjusting the trigger and I am having a hard time finding one, I hope you can assist me please

    David Harris
    Ontario Canada

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