LEE 1000 / Load Master Cartridge Feed Tubes for 38-40 / 44-40

I recently started shooting 38-40 for Cowboy Action. As any of you know that enjoy this sport, you use a whole bunch of ammo and reloading is a real necessity.  I use a Lee 1000 progressive press and I recently bought a LEE Load Master to reload this cartridge.

Lee 1000


Lee Load Master


But there is a problem with the clear plastic case feed tubes. The interior diameter is not big enough to let the large rim of the 38-40 or 44-40 slip through. Some cases make it but most get jammed. I needed to figure out a solution.

Off to Lowes Home Improvement store to look for some type of tubing that will allow a 38-40 to slip through.

What I found was “LEE” 1/2 copper tubing. I kid you not….It is indeed “LEE” tubing!

A bit hard to read but it says “LEE 1/2 M USA”

The inside diameter is near perfect for this rim size, but the outside diameter was too large for the case feeder and the case collator. So into the lathe and a section about 1/4 long was turned down to .600″.

Four tubes with the ends turned down to .600″

The inside of both the case feeder thingy and the case collator was filed and sanded out to just under.600″

A piece of rolled up sandpaper can get you where you need to be.

This should give you a nice tight fit at both ends

And on the collator end…

I wrapped the collator with some black tape to keep everything together

The bottom was a very nice tight fit and didn’t need any tape.

DONE! Cases now slip right down and feed perfectly. An easy modification if you have access to a lathe. If no lathe, the judicious use of a file you should be able to achieve the same result.


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