Lee Reloading Press Primer Catch Modification

I have a Lee three position turret press that was throwing spent primers all over the place…….something needed to be done!

Now this article only applies to those of us that DO NOT use the press mounted primer feed.

In it’s normal configuration, primers are simply ejected out of the slot that runs up the front side of the press main shaft. I’ve tried all kinds of methods to catch them, but they always got in the way of the ram handle or in the way of my fingers trying to insert a cartridge in the shell holder

OK, first order of business is to remove the handle. A simple nut and bolt holds it together.

Now remove the “C” clip that locks the pin that holds the ram into the lifting mechanism. Remove the little spring thing that hold the shell holder in place.

Pull the ram completely out the bottom of the press. It’s usually very dirty. Nows a good time to clean the ram and the bore it rides in.

Cut a small sliver of wood, aluminum or plactic that can be inserted into the slot, creating a type of “pipe” for the primers to fall through

Reassemble the press with the ram now mounted backwards with the slot in the rear of the press.

A little piece of velcro can be mounted as show to hold the “primer catcher”

I used a bullet box as the primer catcher. Cut a slot into the box as shown

Now the primers simply run down the little tunnel you created and fall right into the little box

I put a small wedge under the box to tilt it to the rear, but this really wasn’t necessary. Your call.


Sometimes the solution to a problem are just so simple if you look at it long enough!




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4 comments on “Lee Reloading Press Primer Catch Modification”

  1. Mike klink Reply

    Duh, been trying to catch those primers for 20 yrs!!
    Tape, sheet metal, all kinds of rube goldberg fiddling.
    THIS looks like it will work.
    Thank you, you are a god!!!!

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