Quinetics Bullet Puller Modification

If you use a Quinetics bullet puller, you probably hate having to take the unit apart to remove powder and the dislodged bullet….As I do!

I modified my puller with the addition of a hole milled into the side.

I used my milling machine to cut the port, but a drill and a file or a Dremel took could accomplish the same thing.

Now it is simply a matter of inserting the cartridge, striking the puller on a hard surface, and dumping out powder and bullet.  I put a small piece of paper with a rubber band over the port so powder doesn’t go flying all over the place. But when just pulling bullets (where you forgot to load powder…..) you don’t need to cover the port. The bullet just stays within the plastic head.

I was concerned that this “port” would weaken the puller and it would break. Well I’ve been using it like this for quite a while and have pulled over a hundred bullets with no issues thus far.  ( Your Mileage May Vary!)


There you have it, a simple fix for a bit of a  frustrating issue!


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