If you remember, the last shoot of last year was some of the best precision rifle and pistol shooting I’ve ever witnessed in the 17+ years I’ve been running the Egg Shoots…………

But yesterdays shooting….Not So Much!

I’ll give you a hint on how bad the conditions were… the 300yd line, in the factory class, six shooters fired a total of 176 rounds and only hit 31 eggs!

The weather was beautiful…..If you likes sailing! But for shooting it was quite terrible. The sun was out and not a cloud in the sky so the mirage was terrible. And the wind, the bane of the precision shooter was coming from everywhere, and gusting into the low teens at a moments notice. Horrible.

But we still had a blast!

Here is the tale of the tape…

100yd Rimfire: HOUSTON, we have a problem….The award was presented to a shooter with a score of 15 eggs with 21 rounds fired. But as I sit here this morning with a clearer head, I see a mistake was made by the scoring committee. Tim Silva hit 15 eggs with 20 rounds fired and should have been awarded the gold. We’ll make corrections and award a trophy at the next match.

100yd Handgun: Gordon Guisti shooting a Tactical 20 went 15 for 15 against Dave Nuttall and they both got into a shoot-off. 1/2 plastic balls were used for the shoot-off. 100ys with scopes set at 9X the proceeded to whack one after the other. But someone had to win and this time it was Gordon.

200yd Factory: Dick Heinold was in fine form and shot 15 eggs with 16 rounds. Nice shooting Dick!

200yd SuperSport: Steve Buck certainly didn’t have any issues with the weather and scored a “perfect”…15 eggs with 15 rounds.  Way to go Steve!

200yd Custom: Well, I was close! I usually don’t get a chance to shoot in my own match. But I dug out my Nieseka Bay rifle in 6BR and quickly loaded up some rounds the night before. I was one for one right up to the last egg. I had 14 eggs with 14 rounds fired. I had it in my grasp. But I went and missed the last egg not once, but twice! This let Mike Ramella take the trophy with a score of 15 eggs with 16 shots. UGH!

300yd Factory: Art Caputo still showed he knows how to shoot long range, even in horrible conditions. A score of 13 eggs with 26 rounds secured the position.

300yd SuperStock: No one could touch Bill LaPlume on this day. The trophy was won with 10 eggs with 30 shots!

300yd Custom: It was Steve Bucks day…Trophy number two. 14 eggs with 29 shots fired was enough to take it.

I hope evey one had a great time. I sure know I did!


Thanks to Village Sports in Westport Massachusetts for sponsoring this shoot.




Next shoot is June 30. Hope to see you all there!

Read more about the Egg Shoots at “What The Heck is an Egg Shoot” on this web site.

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