Palomino Bronco Truck Camper Toilet Modification

I recently bought a used Palomino Bronco Truck Camper. The previous owner wanted to use it on the various beaches on Cape Cod. The rules require you to have a fully contained toilet to access the beaches and overnight camp. So to satisfy the rules he installed a complete toilet system with holding tank.

But it was just for looks. Unless you were under four feet tall and weighed less than 80 pounds, there was no way you could use it!

He simply took the rear wardrobe closet and installed the toilet above the holding tank.

Here is what I started with:


I needed to modify this cabinet so the side and top could open, and still remain to keep the toilet out of sight.

First order of business was to remove the top. Only two screws held it in place. (Great Palomino construction QC!)

And then cut out the “rail” above the door opening.

Then I took saw to the side panel and cut it out as shown in the picture below:

The counter top was cut so it could hinge back:

And the side piece was reinforced and hinged to swing out of the way when toilet duties called:

The “rail” was screwed back to the top so when the cabinet is closed you can’t tell any modification had taken place.

To keep the side closed while traveling, I installed a small brass pin into the swing out door and a mating hole in the swing down top. This worked great to keep everything in its place.

And lastly….What’s a bathroom without a magazine rack! I added one to the swing out panel…


Lots more pictures of some other modifications to the Palomino Bronco here:







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