April 2006

Woodcock Rifle Range Egg Shoot
April 9, 2006

Well, what can I say..The “brave” showed up! Cold and windy was the order of
the day. But, didn’t it feel great to get outdoors and be making noise again
after the long winter hibernation?

Let’s get right to the “tale of the tape”…….

200 Yards Factory
Third place went to Steve Carreiro, second place to Bill LaPlume and first place went to Steve Sylvia. Steve was shooting his box stock Savage and shot a perfect score of 15 eggs with 15 shots…..at 200 yards in the wind! Damn,
those Savage rifles shoot!

200 Yard Custom
Third place went to Ryan Bertalotto, second place went to Ron Maciel and First place went to Gary Maciel. Look out for this father and son team as the season progresses.

100 Yard Hunting
Steve Carreiro took top honors in this category with some fine shooting!

100 Yards Handgun
Top spot went to David Nuttal shooting his TC Contender. He went 15 with 16 to take home the bacon….

300 Yard Factory
Third place was won by Steve Guillette. Second place was a tie between Joe Hecht and Steve Travers and first place was taken home by Bill LaPlume…..Fine shooting is such conditions!

300 Yard Custom
Third place was taken by Ryan Bertalotto with a 13 eggs with 30 rounds fired, Second place went to Jonathan Wong who shot a 14-23 and first place went to Gary Maciel who hit all 15 of his eggs with 24 shots. Amazing!

Well, that’s it from here. Hope to see a bunch of you out there on May 28th….

  • The remaining dates after the May shoot are.
  • June 25th
  • Sept 10th
  • Oct 22nd

Safe Shooting!


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