September 2006

Sept 10, 2006

Ray Piche Memorial Egg Shoot

OK, So I’ve been busy. Sorry for the late report on the September 10 Egg Shoot. We set a record! Forty One shooters to the benches! 50 dozen eggs were splattered. What a great day!

We implemented a new rule at this shoot. We will inspect any rifle that wins one of the events for source of barrel. Once again, The Egg Shoot allows just about any modification to your rifle to shoot in the factory class, except changing the barrel. To be in Factory Class, you can swap out the trigger, you can change the stock, you can rechamber to a different cartridge, but you can’t shoot an aftermarket barrel. The barrel must have the factory roll marks to be allowed in this class. So if you have a barrel without roll marks, and you choose to shoot in Factory Class, you best not win; the rifle will be inspected and you will lose the trophy. Simple enough huh?

Remember also, Cooper rifles, Remington 40X, and other “semi-custom” rifles shoot in the Custom Class.  What is a “semi custom’ rifle?  Drop me a line and I’ll let you know if your rifle is Semi Custom. A bit of a grey area, but I’ll be fair.

So anyways, on to the shoot.

Not the best of days; a little wind, a few drops of rain, but with the new overhead cover provided by the great benefactor “Rich’s Sporting Goods” in Westport Massachusetts, we were dry. Thanks Rich!

200 Yard Factory: is always where the most activity is, and today was no different. This was the first event in a long time that there was no sudden death shoot-off for a winner. Ron Maciel took the honors with a perfect score of 15 shots for 15 eggs! Steve Guillette and Bill LaPlume tied for second place with 15-19.

300 Yard Factory: was a tough shoot for the factory guys. Hitting a Large Grade A egg at three football fields distance is something to behold! First place was taken by Robin Quilitzch who scrambled 12 eggs with 26 shots.  Second place was held by Keith Baenziger and Bill LaPlume pulled up the third slot. Great shooting guys!

200 Yard Custom: is where the “big boys” play. Grown men (and women) spend huge amounts of money on insanely accurate rifles, “waste” hordes of time in their reloading rooms creating the perfect cartridge all to simply hit an egg at some obscene distance. And I think Golf is a crazy sport! But I digress.

We did have a three way sudden death shoot off. Gary Maciel, Jonathan Wong and Alphonse Mattia were at the benches. After a number (I lost count) of volleys,  Gary walked away with the prize. Let me tell you how “nuts” Gary is about his shooting. Gary drives truck for a local firm and his travels takes him across Nantucket Sound on the ferry over to Nantucket regularly. Well on those long crossings, what’s a man to do; read, sleep, watch TV. Not Gary , he turns brass! I kid you not. If they would let him bring powder on board, I bet he’d be loading!

300 Yard Custom:  Tough conditions to shoot through on this day. But the 6BR of Jonathan Wong took home the gold with 16 shots to hit 15 eggs. Simply amazing shooting. That “ferry turner” Gary Maciel took second with his mighty “6.5 Whatever” and a score of 15 eggs with 19 shots.

100 Yards Hunting:  GIRLS!!! (I’m sorry, I mean WOMEN!!) And Young women at that.; not only is it great to see something other than men at the line, but to see young folks. Just makes my heart go pitter patter. There is hope for the shooting sports. I’m actually thinking about having a shoot where the only way you can participate is to bring along a person under 21. It scares me that we don’t see enough young folks hunting and shooting; enough of the politics!

Yes, we had women; Marissa Dillon, Monique LaPlume, Madelynne Baenziger, Hali Viera, Steve Guillette (just checking to see if you read this far! And these gals could shoot! How about these scores; 15-17, 15-19, 15-20, (not in any order) and this is 100 yards, with a 22RF, and a less than 9X scope! Great stuff!

Steve Guillette and Bob Pinatore got themselves into a shoot-off. Both having a score of 15-16. But in the end, someone has to win, and this time it was Bob. Way to go!

So that’s it for the third shoot of the season. It’s all history now!


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