October 2006

October 27, 2006


Well, this is the last shoot of the season, and it was a beauty! Weather was great, Bob Pinatore treated us to some amazing ground sirloin steak burgers cooked on the grill and amazing American Bison chilly, can’t get any better!
The only thing missing was Randy, but we all know he was with us in spirit.
We tied the last shoot for attendance, 41 folks went to the bench. And since most were shooting 200 yards, we needed to extend the shooting to four relays, but with lots of food and tons of door prizes because of the super effort of Steve Guillette calling, writing and arm twisting vendors for gifts, the wait between shooting wasn’t too long.
200 yard factory: The last 200 yd factory shoot of the year is always (we hope) sponsored by Savage Arms. Savage donates a gift certificate for a rifle to the winner of the 200 yard factory event. Talk about stepping up to the plate! Thanks Savage. And this year the trophy and the gift certificate went to a die hard Savage shooter, shooting one of the new Savage, “left port” Varmint rifles, Bill LaPlume! Bill went 15 for 15 and had no one to shoot off against. It’s just amazing how well those box stock Savage rifles shoot.
300 Yards Factory: The boys were really having problems in this event. I’m not sure where they were the night before.But Steve Guillette must have been home getting his rest because he tromped them15 eggs with 20 shots. FACTORY! Good Shooting Steve!
200 Yards Custom: Ten folks assumed the position for the Custom 200. In the end, Bob Lis and Alphonse Mattia found themselves in a shoot off both having gone 15-16. Once again, someone has to win and this time it was Alphonse.
300 Yard Custom: 300 wasn’t kind to the shooters today. Even the custom guns were struggling. I’m not sure why, but I think it was because the range was constantly going in and out of clouds. I believe this radically changes the site picture of the egg, but anyways, George Harrison, shooting his 6BR begs to differ with me. He had no problems dispatching 15 Large “A”s with 19 shots and walking away with the trophy.  George also won the Marlin Model 60 rifle we raffled off with donations going to Randy’s headstone. Not a bad day for Georgie Boy!
Second place was Gary Maciel with a 15-20.
100 Yards Hunting: we had a KID at the line! An honest to God whipper snapper. Praise The Lord! There is hope!  And he won! Kevin Mclonkey shot a 15-17 with a 17HMR. Dan Guilette came in second with a 15-20. Great shooting guys!
I’d like to say a heartfelt thank you to the folks at the event. They presented me with a plaque of thanks for helping to run these Egg Shoots for the past ten years. But the plaque really belongs to all the folks. Without the help of all the folks that make the target frames, buy the eggs, set the targets, and simply bust ass to make this event happen; it wouldn’t.
I’d also like to add that we raised nearly all the money for Randy’s headstone. The three raffles we held through out the year, two for the really beautiful rifle rests Jeff built and donated and one for the Marlin rifle Steve Assad donated along with generous contributions from Bob Pinatores food fest and simple kind monetary gifts from folks like you. But we are about $150 short of our goal, so if you have a few nickels kicking around and you want to help, give Jeff a call at the range and he’ll tell you who to make the check out to.

Well, that’s it for this year. Some time after the first I’ll have the dates for the 2007 shoots. Until then, keep them in the bulls eye!


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