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Diy Sand Bag Camera Support

I find that as I’m driving around in my truck and spot wildlife to shoot, they tend to stay still as long as I don’t leave the vehicle. Some type of window mounted support was in order. A quick Google search found a number of commercially available sandbags just for this purpose. It also found this article on DIY “Butterfly Bean Bag”.  This article is on Fred Hurteau’s fantastic web site on Nature Photography. I highly recommend you spend a few hours over there.

The directions Fred gives are very easy to understand and he even has down-loadable patterns to cut out the material. A couple hours at the sewing machine and you have an extremely serviceable Photography Bean Bag.

I used some heavy duty nylon material that I purchased at the local fabric store, but just about anything would work. Even an old bath towel would do the trick.

I loaded my bags with wild bird food. Sand was just too heavy. My bags weight exactly 11 pounds.

Simply follow the directions and have at it!



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Kata 3n1-22 Photographers Backpack Review

After a few years away from the hobby (passion) of photography, I recently rejoined the ranks. Years ago I had a couple of Nikon and Canon 35mm cameras with a bunch of different lenses and other accessories most photographers find themselves with. A simple “Camera Bag” sufficed. A couple years ago I moved to digital photography. Sold all the 35mm stuff for about 10 cents on the dollar, ugh! And I bought a Nikon D70 with two lenses. Again a simple over the shoulder, top opening camera bag was all that was needed.

When I returned to photography a couple months ago, my goal was wildlife photography. I sold the D70 and bought a Nikon D90 and my lens collection now numbers over 10. Lens addiction is a heavy burden. I also acquired a very good tripod and ball head mount. All of this gear will need to be portable and easily carried. The wildlife will not come to you in most cases. you have to go find them.

Wildlife photography would require hiking over some difficult terrain and an over the shoulder camera bag wouldn’t do. I started researching various backpacks designed specifically for photographers. The descriptions available from the various online vendors are lacking. So I decided to drive the three hours to New York City and see and handle them for myself.  I decided I wanted a side entry bag so I could actually access the camera and lenses without actually removing the bag from my body. A number of companies make an “over the shoulder” backpack. But I focused on one brand in particular that seemed well made and had a few features I likes KATA


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Diy Photography Studio Lights

(Houston…We have a problem…Updated 12-22-09 see Below)

I recently got back into the hobby of photography. With six grandkids, the need for portrait works would soon be needed. I researched a set of studio lights and found them to be either extremely poorly made or very expensive. I figured I could easily build a set myself.

Before you start. Be aware you are dealing with 120Volt AC house current with this project. If you don’t know what you are doing, it WILL kill you. If you are not comfortable playing with electricity, have an electrician do the final wiring.

OK, with that out of the way. Here is what you’ll need.

Electric Drill with a drill bit selection
Hack Saw
Screw Driver
Wire Strippers

The parts you will need are all available from Lowes Home Improvement. I didn’t check, but I’d bet Home Depot and ACE Hardware would have what you need also.


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