August 2001


Another just about perfect day for shooting! Temperature in the high 70s and just about no humidity. Wind was very constant at about 5 miles per hour. Great conditions for scrambling a few eggs!With conditions like this it’s not surprising the turnout was so great. We had 26 shooters a few spectators for the entire match. And with conditions like this it isn’t surprising the shooting was top notch also.Everyone was asking “where was Randy”? Well, Randy couldn’t join us today due to a bum knee. We missed him and hope he can make the next shoot and regain his position. Lets get on with the results:300 Yard Custom Rifle

Lots of challengers, but Jonathan Wong walked away with another win. Jon was shooting his Krieger barreled 40X Remington in 6BR to take the honors.300 Yard Factory Rifle

This was to be the battle of the prone shooters. Although others were in the race, John Hynes of Attleboro and John Beaumont of New Bedford both shooting Remington 700PSS rifles in 308 and both shooting from the prone position were the shooters to watch. John Hynes had shot 4 eggs with ten shots and had packed up his gear and was heading out. Up to this point, John Beaumont’s best score was a 2 for 10. John Beaumont decided to give it one more try and figured out where his gun was shooting and turned in a final 5 eggs with 6 shots! John Hynes thought about unpacking his gear and having at it again, but just shook his head and mumbled something about “I’ll be back!” In any event, this was great shooting and I know I would like to see a rematch by these two fine marksmen.200 Yard Custom Rifle

Again, this is the event that really gets the action. After all was said and done we had an eight man shoot-off! Mark LeComte of New Bedford, Gary Maciel of Mattapoisett, George Harrison of New Bedford, Mark Piche of New Bedford, Ray Piche of New Bedford, Jonathan Wong of Westport , Al Joly of Attleboro and Bill Gaudatis of Needham were all in the shoot-off. This is a sudden death event and once they started I didn’t think they would ever miss! To make it more difficult, we turned the eggs on their sides with only the bottoms facing the shooters and they still broke over 30 eggs! But in the end someone had to win and once again Jonathan Wong’s 6BR proved it had the right stuff. (Jon wasn’t bad either)200 Yard Factory Rifle

A bunch of folks shot in this category as always. Bob Newman of Somerset and his 40x in 308 took the honors. 100 Yard Scoped Pistol

Ray Piche, Ron Maciel of Fairhaven and Tom Myers of Carver were shooting their TC Contenders and having a ball with it. Ray’s TC was once again “on” and walked away with the trophy.100 Yard Iron Sights

Only one participant. Todd Bryan of Plymouth came to his first Egg Shoot with an AR-15 and had a great time learning the ropes. Hope he joins us again.Well that’s it from here. Hope to see all of you at the next shootNOTICE: The next Egg Shoot was scheduled for September 30 and will need to be rescheduled. The new date will be sometime in October. Stay tuned!

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