Egg Shoot Results April 2011

Great weather, great group of folks…………..Let’s scramble some Eggs!

It was nice to see everyone after a VERY long winter!  Fourty three shooters went to the line!

100 yd Rimfire

Kat Cummings held off 11 other shooters to take home the Gold. 15 eggs with 16 rounds. Nice work!


100 yd Handgun

Gordon Guisti and Ken Cummings (Kat’s dad) got themselves into a Shoot Off by both shooting perfect, 15 eggs with 15 shots. So to make it more difficult we brought out Golf Balls for the sudden death shoot off. But these two crack shots didn’t miss a one! So we found some 45ACP cases on the ground and put them out at 100 yards. They both hit three of them in a row! Freak’n amazing shooting. But in the end, Ken hit one more than Gordon and won the second trophy for the Cummings household.  Both of these fellows got a round of applause from the crowd for some amazing shooting.


100 yd Sporting/Hunting

It was close. Louis Federichi, Tim Sylvia and Bob Pingatore were all in the Hunt. Both Tim and Louis shot 15 eggs with 16 shots, but Bob shot his 15 eggs with only 15 shots, a perfect. Bob took home the gold.


200 yd Factory

Ten shooters went to the line. All did a great job but Robin Quintuzch took home the gold shooting a Savage factory rifle and hitting 15 eggs with 16 rounds.


200 yd Custom

These folks usually clear the racks, but today they all struggled a bit. In the end, Joe Manning took the trophy with 15-16


200 yd Super Stock

Gordon Guisti shooting a custom Savage rifle took honors with 15-18


300 yd Factory

Tough shooting this morning for the Long Rangers. This is a tough event. The best score was 8 Eggs with 29 shots! And Art Caputo did the damage and won the event.


300 yd Custom

The Custom shooters didn’t fare much better than the factory folks at 300 yds.  Some of the first relay scores were 0-10, 3-10, 3-8. Ugh! But in the end, Gary Marciel shot 15 eggs with 19 rounds to take home the bacon.


300 yd Super Stock

Steve Buck dominated all comers with a score of 12 eggs with 24 rounds………..A hard fought battle to be sure!


That’s it from here………….Hope to see you at the next shoot!



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2 comments on “Egg Shoot Results April 2011”

  1. Tom Myers Reply

    Roy, what constitutes a superstock rifle? Have been looking for rockchucks to no avail. Still too cold and lots of snow in the high country. Bear season starts tomorrow, 4-15-11, and I will be looking for Yogi or his grampa to fit in the back of my Tracker. Tom

  2. Roy Bertalotto Reply

    Tom, Any rifle with a MSRP over $1276 as of last May is a Super Stock rifle. This keeps the Remington 40X, Coopers and other “Semi Custom” rifles from shooting against the run of the mill $500 Savages etc.

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