Motorized Neck Turning Lathe KIT

I wanted a motorized neck turning lathe for my reloading bench. I didn’t want to spend the $200-$500 that a commercial unit would cost so I decided to make one myself.


I found a nice AC Gear Motor with extreme high torque, 30 inch pounds, and the perfect speed, 117 RPM.

I wanted a simple drill chuck to hold the various tools this lathe would be spinning. I removed the main spindle and used my engine lathe to thread the shaft 1/2-20. To this I threaded on a 1/2 gear chuck.

Once the chuck was mounted, I needed a simple way to anchor the whole motor to a board. This was done with a piece of 1.5 inch angle iron cut to four inches long.

This piece of angle iron had four holes drilled. Two to mount it to the main board and two for the gear motor to mount to. It was simply bolted down to the 9 inch by 9 inch mounting board.

The two bolts on the bottom of the gear motor where replaced with 1/4 – 20 nuts and bolt as I didn’t have any nuts to fit the existing bolts.

These bolt will be used to mount the gear motor to the angle iron.

Couple of washers and two nuts and we are all mounted up.

I bought a small aluminum box from Radio Shack to mount the capacitor that comes with the motor and a simple on-off toggle switch. The power cord enters from the rear.

I used four self stick rubber feet on the bottom.

Some more views>

And a hole in the base to store the chuck key.


Here’s a video showing the unit running

Motorized Neck Turn Lathe Video #1

This video shows the amazing amount of torque this motor has.

Motorized Neck Turn Lathe Video #2

I’m going to make these motors available with a 1/2 inch Jacobs chuck installed on a threaded shaft for Do It Yourselfers to build their own lathe.

The following will be included in the kit:

Motor with lathe treaded output shaft for 1/2-20 treaded drill chuck


Wiring Instructions

A couple of photographs for assembly ideas

Jacobs 1/2 inch chuck

Chuck Key

SPST Toggle Switch

You will need to supply a 9″ X 9″  mounting board, piece of angle iron,  AC cord, project box and various electrical connectors and wire.

The price will be  $125 which will include shipping

I only have limited supply of the motors………..First come, first served!

Email me at     to order one.



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