Egg Shoot Results June 2011

What a great way to spend Father’s Day…….Shooting Eggs with a bunch of friends and family. Lots of fathers and son/daughters were in attendance.

100yd RimFire

Thirteen shooters were involved and some really great scores were reported, but in the end someone had to win and Mike Astin took home the trophy with a perfect score of 15 eggs with 15 shots!

100yd Sporting / Factory

This heat resulted in a four way , sudden death shoot off for the trophy. Gerald Miller, Kat Cummings, Bob Ping and Louis Federichi were shooting 1/2″ diameter DumDum lollipops at a football fields lenth to settle the score. It’s hard to imagine how small a DumDum lollipop is at 100yds. But in the end, they were no problem for Kat Cummings who won the gold!

100yd Handgun

Eggs at a football fields length with a handgun! Amazing. But even more so when folks Like Dave Nuttall shoots a perfect score of 15-15 to win the match. Nice!

200yd Factory Rifle

Art Caputo with his fantastically accurate AR-15 rocked again. 15-15 with an AR at 200 yds!

200yd Custom Rifle

This win is particularly heart felt. George Harrison started Egg Shooting with me over 16 years ago. Back then most folks were shooting hunting rifles with 9X scopes and George and I showed up with very accurate varmint rifles and taught the boys a lesson! George has been shooting with me ever since. A year or two ago George had some health problems and it rendered him just about blind in his left eye. Being a ‘South Paw’, he uses his left eye to look down a scope. He figured he was finished target shooting. NOT SO FAST MY GOOD FRIEND! We built George a custom scope mount that allows George to still shoot left handed, but to use his right eye through the scope.

Well, “Georgie Boy” has been practicing and he came meaning to win! And win he did. Shooting a perfect score of 15 for 15 and winning the trophy!  Way to go Georgie Boy!

200yd Super Stock

All kinds of fancy factory shoot’n irons were at the benches. But Steve Buck shooting a mighty Savage rifle took the prize with a 15-16 score.

300yd Factory

Sometime you just have a good day at the range, and Art Caputo was having one of those days.  11 eggs with 28 shots with a factory rifle was enough to win the day.

300yd Custom

And so was Steve Buck having a great day.  At 300 freak’n yards he smashed 15 eggs with 15 shots! Amazing!

300yd SuperStock

Happy Father’s Day to Ken Cummings. His daughter wins the 100 and Dad takes the 300SS. These folks are gonna need a bigger trophy shelf!


But wait……….There’s more!

Recently I’ve become enamored with dangerous game, high bucks, double rifles.  Since I don’t have the means to buy a “real” double rifle, I bought a shotgun converted to a double 45-70. I’m having a ball shooting extremely dangerous charging paper targets. Hey, papercuts hurt like the dickens!

But one of our Egg Shooting fraternity has an amazing example of the Double Rifle genre. A Double 500 Nitro Express. And he offered to bring it to the shoot and let me fire a couple of barrels. To say the rifle is a piece of art would be an understatement. It is a 1904 Holland and Holland with the most perfect wood, fit and finish and delicate engraving I’d ever seen.

I got to shoot a charging 1 gallon milk jug. That milk jug won’t be bothering any folks from now on!

Here’s a video of the DR event…….

Man, that was great fun!
A big THANK YOU to Savage Arms for once again supplying the Savage Rifle Gift Certificate and to Village Sports in Westport Ma for a $100 gift certificate and to Dave Lee Valdina for donating a GOAL Membership. These door prizes are appreciated!
Well, that’s it for now…………hope to see all of you at the next shoot on September 18,2011. Bring your friends! Bring your Dad! Bring your Mom! But don’t forget to bring your gun!




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  1. Dennis Diego Reply

    I would like to invite you and some of your
    shooters to The Bruce Butler Memorial Egg Shoot
    on Sunday Aug 28th in ST Johnsbury VT
    Please Email me and I will send you the information
    Thanks Dennis

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