Bullet Casting Furnace Rebuild

A fellow on the Cast Boolit forum ( http://castboolits.gunloads.com/index.php ) heard that I was interested in learning to cast my own lead bullets and offered to send me an electric lead casting pot for free. My favorite price! But when he went to mail it to me he found he had disassembled it and couldn’t find any of the other pieces. I told him to send it anyways and I’d see if I could make something out of it. Upon receipt, I found that all I had was the crucible. And it was a rusty crucible at that. I disassembled everything so I could get the cast iron liner into the bead blast cabinet and gave it a good blasting. It came out looking like new! Next I needed to fabricate a stand of some sort.

A piece of aluminum sheet, a couple pieces of aluminum angle and a few pop rivets and the base was done. For uprights, I used some 5/8″ diameter aluminum rod. Drilled and tapped on both ends to accept a 1/4-20 bolt.

I had to fabricate a power cord. A cord off an old heat gun that had given up the goast and a bit of heat shrink tubing and a few soldered on connectors, and I was good to go!

Next was the start/stop valve. A piece of steel stock was turned down and a point was cut to fit into the spout A handle was fabricated and a broom gave 1″ of it’s handle to the cause

I needed to fabricate some type of  “control stop” so I could control the flow of molten lead. This was easily accomplished with a threaded hole and a piece of angle iron riveted to the handle.

I use a “PID” to maintain lead temperature, so I needed to fabricate a bracket to hold the temperature probe. (See article on fabricating a PID on this web site)

A piece of 1/4″ aluminum tubing was taped and a piece of steel was bent to make a “mold shelf”

Not bad for the price?


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