Egg Shoot Results May 2011

Another fine day at the range! Jeff, Stevie and Steve outdid themselves getting the place in fine shape. Eggs were set, time to shoot!


100yds Handgun

Once again, Dave Nuttal walked away with the prize. Extremely stiff competition kept his head down and his bullets on target!


300yd Factory

Robin Quilitzsch shooting a box stock Savage in 308 hit 14 eggs with 26 rounds! At three football fields. He beat out a roster of six other shooters to take home the bacon!


300yd Super Stock

Steve Buck hit 13 with 23 to win the gold.


300yd Custom

No one shot in this catagory today


200yd Factory

Art Caputo, not a stranger to the podium lately took it with 15 for 17.


200yd Custom

Mike “Slim” Ramella took the honors with a perfect score of 15-15. Gary Maciel put on a speed shooting exhibition and broke 5 eggs in 34 seconds at 200 yds without a miss! With a single shot rifle! This record will stand until broken.


200yd Super Stock

Bill Laplume took on a slew of competition to take the trophy!


100yd Rimfire

Tony Almeida shooting a perfect score of 15 with 15 took the high honors.


100yd Sporting

A four way sudden death shoot-off with Robert Newman, Bob Ping, Richard Heinhold and Louis Federici took to the benches. All had shot a perfect score of 15 for 15.  In the end, Louis took the prize. Nice shooting fellas


The 50% off Savage Certificate was won by a first time shooter!  Joel Sitte had the winning ticket…………….


That’s it for now………..See all of you on June 19th!

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