Egg Shoot Results May 2010



May 9, 2010


Talk about wind! At times we had gusts over 25mph. But the
Eggs stayed upright and the success was had!


100Yd Handgun

Ken Cummings took the gold with 15 eggs with 16 rounds


100yd Rimfire

Bob Ping ruled with 15-18


100yd Sporting

Gordon Guisti with a 15-20


200 yd Factory

Jeff Garlick with a 15-17 (Jeff wants us to know this was
done with a Remington….:-)


200 Yd Custom

Joe Hect with a 15-15


300yds Factory

Robin Quintuzch with a 7-30 (Hey, it was windy!!!)


300yds Custom

Gary Maciel with a 15-20


300yds Super Stock

Steve Travers with a 10-23


The drawing for the Savage Rifle Certificate went to Kat
Cummings. No, this isn’t a misprint. Yes, she wont the certificate last month
also……..If she was old enough, she should buy a lottery ticket………..Talk about
great luck!


See you all on June 6th


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