Egg Shoot Results April 2010


It was a Cummings kind of day!

Weather was terrible. Pouring rain at times! I had my secretary put in a request for a nice day, but she screwed up and booked the next Sunday by accident!

But thanks to the amazing generosity of Richie of Richie’s Sporting Goods in Westport Ma, (217 Mouse Mill Rd) who donated the entire range cover a couple years ago, we were nice and dry and had a great time. As a side note, Richie also trailered down his four wheel drive Mule for us to use for setting targets and donated the use of two way radios and then he actually went out and sat in the rain to set eggs at the 200 yard berm. We cant thank him enough for supporting these shoots! (Plus he has a great gun shop with free coffee!)

OK, on to the results. Like I said. “A Cunnings kind of day!”

Kat Cummings not only dominated the RimFire at 100 yards match with a win of 15 eggs with 16 shots, she then went on to win the Savage gift certificate which is the big prize of the event. She and her dad are trying to make up their minds on a 223 or a 204 in a heavy barrel Varmint series rifle so she can get into the 200 yard game. Look out folks, this gal can shoot! And Dad ain’t too bad either. He walked away with the handgun at 100 yard match. Ken Cummings and Dave Nutall got into a sudden death shoot off and we used ½” dumdum lollipops at 100 yds to establish the winner. Ken came out victorious and he was using a 6X pistol scope! I looked through this scope and could barely see a 1/2”
lollipop, never mind hit one. Good shooting folks!

We have a new category this summer……SUPER STOCK….This is for rifles that have a MSRP over $1276.00. Steve Travis shooting a Savage Precision Varminter in 6BR was one egg better than Rob Silvers shooting a Remington M24 Sniper Rifle in 308. Steve took home the gold.

200 Yd Factory:
Steve Travers – First Place 15-15
Bill LaPlume / Steve Evangelho – Tied for second place 15-17
Robert Hurley – Third Place 15-19

200 Yd Custom:
Shoot Off with ½” DumDums. Gary Maciel against Barry Benoit. It should be noted that Barry has only been shooting about five weeks. He recently received his permit and I let him use one of my rifles for the 200 yd Custom class. He got himself into the shoot offs with a perfect 15-15 score, and then went one on one against Gary hitting DumDums until he missed and Gary won it. Ya gotta admit, pretty impressive showing for a newbee.

300 Yd Factory:
Art Caputo – First Place 10-30
Bill LaPlume – Second Place 9-30

300 Yd Custom:
Jonathan Wong – First Place 15-16
Mike Ramella – Second Place 15-21

100 Yds Hunting/Sporting:
Steve Buck, Robert Silvers, Bob Ping, Mike Fresco and Charlie Silvia all got themselves into a shoot off by shooting perfect scores of 15 eggs with 15 shots. Back to the DumDums. In the end Steve Buck shooting an AR15 won the trophy. Great shooting by all!

100 Yds Rim Fire:
Kat Cummings – First Place 15-16
Mike Thiebot – Second Place 15-17
Jonathan Mesquite – Third Place 15-21

If you want more information on the Egg Shoots, visit my web page

See you at the next shoot!

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