Off-set Rifle Scope Mount

Off-Set Scope Mount

I have a good shooting buddy that shoots extreme target rifles left handed. He recently lost the use of his left eye so I built a scope mount that allows the use of his right eye while shooting left handed.



A one piece Weaver base supplied the initial mount. A flat piece of 3/16″ thick aluminum plate supplied the off-set. A series of holes were drilled and tapped to adjust the amount of off-set.


Millett Angle Lock rings were used to supply the proper mount of alignment that will be necessary.


More Pictures here:!/off-set-scope-mount/

Who knows, maybe George will be an even better shot with his right eye!

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4 comments on “Off-set Rifle Scope Mount”

  1. Danny Perkins Reply

    I have a problem like your friend except I lost my right eye. I am right handed and was shooting left handed. Now I have a pacemaker in my left shoulder and cannot shoot left handed . I need a off set mount for me to shoot right handed again but sight with my left eye. Can you build something like that?

    • Roy Bertalotto

      Sorry, I’m not a licensed gunsmith so I can’t work on your gun unless you are here.

      Check with Hart Rifles. They make offset scope mounts.

  2. DAVID BLAIR Reply

    Hi Roy
    I have been looking at the plate you made for a friend of yours its a base plate to shoot off handed I know it would be a pain to make and send to the UK if you can that is soo I was hoping you can just send me a drawing of it and I can get it made hear any thought’s

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