Egg Shoot Results October 2010

Woodcock Road Rifle Range

Randy Costa Memorial Egg Shoot Results

OCTOBER 3,2010



The last shoot of the season turned out to be a beauty!
Weather cooperated nicely. Shooters were in fine form.


As usual, we started the day with the 300 yard centerfire
and the 100 yard sporting, handgun and rimfire.


100 Yards Handgun
was contested by three shooters and four handguns. Gordon Giusti shot two
different single shot handguns as he didn’t have any of his rifles ready for
other competition. But although all three boys went 15 for 15 and a sudden
death shoot out was required, once the eggs were replaced with ½” diameter
“DumDum” lollipops, the shooting got interesting. In the end, Dave Nuttall took
home the gold with Ken Cummings in second and Gordon Giusti in third. Fine
shooting by all!


100 Yards
had the usual suspects approach the line. And it ended up
in a five way, sudden death shoot off. Michael Fresco, Tyler Staff, Bob Ping,
Steve Travers and Lou Federichi all went 15 for 15. DumDums once again and the
winner was Bob Ping. Nice work!


100 Yards Rimfire
proved entertaining. Nine shooters were at the benches and four tied for yet
another sudden death shoot-off. Michael Astin, David Lee, Rob Cote and Bob Ping
all shot 15 eggs with 16 shots. DumDums were called to service yet again, and
Bob Ping took the gold. Bob was having himself one heck of a good day!


300 Yard Factory.
Art Caputo shooting an AR-15 in 223 took top honors with a score of 15 eggs
with 18 shots. Amazing for an AR shooting the “little” 223 cartridge. Who says
ARs can’t be as accurate as a bolt gun!


300 Yard Custom.
Joe Hecht, shooting a perfect score of 15 for 15 took this prize. Three
football fields, a tiny egg, a bit of wind and not a miss. That’s impressive in
anyone’s book! Nice shooting Joe!


300 Yard Superstock.
Steve Travers held off all the competition to take home the bacon with a score
I won’t repeat here. Steve assures us he will be tuning this rifle for next
year. But the score was good enough to win and beat all others! J


200 Yard Factory.
We had 11 shooters to the benches. Ray Cianci took the honors with a 15-18
score. Real nice work Ray!




200 Yard Custom. Joe
Hecht was having himself a fine day. He took this honor shooting another
perfect score of 15 for 15. Some days you are just “on”, and Joe was having one
of those days!


200 Yard Superstock.
Three shooters entered this newest category. Any rifle that has a MSRP of over
$1255 will be placed in this class. These are high end factory rifles with mass
produced factory barrels. (Coopers, Top end Savages, Remington 40X, etc) Stacy
Kehoe took home the top spot with a great score of 15-20 shooting a 308 in an
Accuracy International rifle. What a beautiful piece of work that rifle is and
what a great shooter Stacy proved to be.


I would like to give
a huge Shout Out to Savage Arms Corp who has been helping to sponsor these Egg
Shoots for over ten years. And all the other sponsors who supply door prizes
for the shooters. It’s greatly appreciated!

This shoots Savage Rifle Certificate was won by Steve
Travers….Way to go Stevie boy!


Well, that’s it until next year. Send me an email if you
want to be included on this email newsletter and check the web site ( ) for next years
schedule which will be posted in February 2011. The web site also has rules,
past results and other Egg Shooting articles.


(An Apology about name spelling…..The list I received to
write this report from was a bit hard to read. If I misspelled anyone’s name, I


Roy Bertalotto

“Head Egg Head”



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