Egg Shoot Results September 2011

Another great day was had by all in attendance!

Weather was fine and there was a huge turnout. We had 4 relays at 100yds! Great to see so many folks enjoying the shooting sports.

Here’s the “tale of the tape”


100yds RimFire

Once again, Bob Ping too the honors. Bob is also the chef at the shoots. Great burgers and dogs and amazing “Wildlife” Chili. Thanks Bob!

100yds Hunting / Sporting

Dick Heinold too the gold with a sporting rifle and 9X scope ar 100 yds. Nice shooting

100yds Handgun

Ken Cummings and Steve Evangelho when at it to decide the winner. In the end Ken was the trophy holder. Good shooting by both of them.

200yds Factory

Well this is embarrassing. I know we had a sudden death shoot-off between Art Caputo and Gerald Miller, but I forgot to record who actually won! I’ll have to get back to you on this. Both of them went 15 eggs with 19 rounds which is amazing performance with factory guns at two football fields!

200yds Super Sport

Tony Almeida bested Mike Astin by one egg to claim victory.

200yds Custom

Kevin McConkey, the yougest member of the Custom Club beat all the old pros. (Me included) to take home the gold. Must be those young eyes!

300yds Factory

Art Caputo was the winner with 14 eggs scrambled with 25 shots. Great shooting in factory class.

300yds Custom

Jonathan Wong was the man to beat. And no one did! 15 for 19 was the score. Nice work!


That’s it for now…………


Next Egg Shoot is October 23

Read all about it here:

What The Heck Is An Egg Shoot?


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