A Couple of Cowboy”ish” knives for CAS

I was looking for some type of knife that might share the CAS flavor and not cost an arm and a leg.

Looking through the Kennesaw Cutlery catalog www.kennesawcutlery.com I saw two faux Indian knives that I thought might fit the bill.

The “Bear Hunter” and the “Wolf Hunter” from the United Frontier Collection.

The Bear Hunter measures 8.5″ overall. And included a really weird “pinkish” leather sheath.

First thing I did was take some walnut wood stain and stain the leather to make it dark brown and a little distressed looking.


The Bear Hunter cost $26.99

The “Wolf Hunter” is a much smaller knife at 6 3/4″ overall length and a much more heavily beaded sheath. But still the same pinkish leather. Back to the walnut stain!

The Wolf Hunter cost $25.55

So for around $50 I got a couple knives that just might serve to finish off my garb………..

As soon as I get back from hunting I’m going to take some old deer antlers I have and make a couple of Stag handles for both of them…..Yea! That’s the ticket!

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