Western and Wildlife Wonders two holster Cowboy Action Shooting rig…….Preliminary Review

I wanted an inexpensive double holster rig as my first CAS leather. I looked at Oklahoma Leather and Hunter Leather as the two least expensive sources. First problem is NO ONE has a full set of belt and L+R holster. I checked everywhere and folks just are not stocking them.

I did see and feel an Oklahoma holster at a local gun shop and felt it was very thin leather and would be difficult to reholster the revolver under the pressure of speed.

I have a few Hunter holsters for other handguns and for the $$ I’m always impressed. But again, couldn’t find one source to order a whole rig from and I was concerned about ordering pieces from different suppliers as to proper color match of the leather.

On this site I found reference to Western and Wildlife Wonders.   westernandwildlifewonders.com

I looked at the pictures of the Bounty Hunter Rig and thought this would be a good first rig. At $168 for a belt and two holster I didn’t think I was risking much. I sent an email to Don Holman , the owner, about availability. He told me if I ordered it today, I’d have it in three or four days.

So for $168 plus $10.95 shipping, the order was placed.

When the box arrived in three days from Washington State to Massachusetts, I was very impressed!

Upon opening the box I was blown away by the great heft and quality of the rig.

My Ruger 5.5″ New Model Vaqueros fit perfectly. Like these holsters were custom made for them!

The quality of the stitching and the tooling is very nicely done.

The openings are nicely flared

The buckle is nickle plated and of a nice hefty weight

The back of the holster is nicely tanned

I’m very pleased with this choice so far. A full review will be on this web page after I use them a bit.

Many more pictures here:


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