June 2004



JUNE 13, 2004

This will be a down and dirty report. Summer’s here and there is lots to do!HANDGUN 100yds

Roy Bertalotto took top honors shooting a vintage Remington XP-100 in 221 Fireball. He shot 15 eggs with 17 shots! Ron Maciel came in second shooting his TC and Kevin Deterra came in third with his Ruger Super Blackhawk in 44 Mag………..FACTORY RIFLE 200yds

Bob Lis and Bill LaPlume got themselves into a shoot-off foe first place. In the end, Bob Lis took the trophy home. CUSTOM RIFLE 200yds

Talk about fine shooting! We had a six way shoot-off for first place. We’re talking six shooters going 15 for 15 at 200 yds with a bit of a wind. Fine Shooting! But some one had to win and after they all scored 5-5 in the shoot-off, we set up 7.62X39 cases as targets. Let me tell you, at 200 yds a rifle case is a very small target! Jon Wong was the winner. But quite a few cases were hit before it was all said and done. Second place was not decided. We were so excited witnessing these folks hitting those small cases, that we forgot to continue the shooting to determine second place. At the next event we will let the folks determine the second place winner.FACTORY RIFLE 300yds

Once again, Bob Lis and his superb Savage rifle took the factory 300 top honors. Bob Pingitore took second place……..FACTORY RIFLE 300yds

These guys are just simply amazing! Buy the time we got around to shooting the 300 yd event, the wind had picked up a bit and you really needed to be on your game to compete.
George Harrison and his rifle were in a very competitive mode! George went 15 eggs with 21 shots to take first honors. Gary Maciel took second place.That’s it for now. As always, full info on the shoot is at www.rvbprecision.com
Or you can call me at the Woodcock Rifle Range…508-636-4669Randy Costa

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