May 2004


MAY 9, 2004
By Randy Costa

Well, we got another shoot under our belt! Although the rain threatened, it held off long enough to get most of the match completed. The “300 Yard Custom” rifle folks got a wee bit soggy, but everyone else faired pretty well.Conditions were cool, about 55 degrees with a 5-10 mph breeze blowing left to right at just about 90 degrees to the benches. Not the worst shooting conditions, but not the best either.All the usual suspects were in attendance and a few new faces and rifles showed up just to show us how it’s done…..More on this in a moment.Once again I’d like to thank the range officers at Woodcock Rifle Range for making the event so successful. In particular we owe a great round of applause to Jeff Whittaker. Jeff busted his hump getting everything PERFECT for the match. From cutting the grass to building the egg racks to sanding down the bench tops so folks wouldn’t scratch their guns. And then during the shoot, he set all the targets for the whole event! Thanks Jeff, you are one in a million!This year we are doing something different. Through out the event we are drawing for door prizes donated from area merchants and the shooting industry in general. The following companies have donated prizes for this years events. Cryo Plus, Lee Precision, Shilen Barrels, Hart Barrels, Nosler Bullets, Sierra Bullets, Kreiger Barrels, Lyman Products, CST Custom Shooting Technologies, Berger Bullets, Kaltron Pettibone, Ruger, Wal-Mart and last but by no means least, Padanaram Village Café. The prizes ranged from boxes of bullets to gift certificates to discount coupons. This was a random drawing. All you need to do is participate in the shoot and you could go home with a nice prize.Ok, now to the shoot! Custom Rifles, 200 Yards…..Once again, here’s where the most action takes place. Over the winter, Joe Manning from Raynam Massachusetts had a new rifle built. All the right components were used. Nesika action, Kreiger barrel, Tooley MBR stock, Jewell, Weaver etc. And 6BR was the chosen cartridge. Let me tell you, this gun can shoot! Joe got himself into a shoot off with Roy Bertalotto shooting a similar type rifle, although with a Remington 700 action, in 22-250 Ackley. They both went 15 for 15 during the regular shoot. At the shoot off they both cracked another 10 eggs apiece without a miss. So to get this shoot over with it was decided that 45 ACP cases would be used as a target. Let me tell you, a 45 ACP case at 200 yards is a mighty small target! Well, as it turned out, Roy went first and missed and Joe scored a hit. Great shooting Joe and congratulations!Factory Rifles, 200 Yards….This is a real fun category. Anything can and usually does win! Roy’s son-in law, Mike Cabral from Dartmouth, showed up to his first Egg Shoot. Roy let him use his Cooper in 221 Fireball that won the last Egg Shoot. With the first two shots that he ever fired with this rifle he was dead center on the sighting in target. As he went to shoot eggs, he got the first three and then the “competition jitters” took over! I’m sure he’ll be practicing and return to avenge! When it was all said and done, Steve Evangelho from New Bedford shooting his Remington 700VSF in 243 took the trophy with a 15 eggs with 17 shots. Nice Work! Richard Douglas came in second with his Savage M-110 in 250 Savage.Custom Rifle 300 Yards…. “Let it rain, Let it rain, Let it rain!” In horrid conditions we witnessed some mighty fine shooting. Jon Wong from Westport was at it again. Shooting his custom Nesika “fast twist” rifle to a win. Alphonse Mattia, shooting a 6BR in his first “serious” 300 yards event had a great showing to take second place. Alphonse shot back to back 5 for 5s in his second and third relay, but unfortunately his first relay stung him with a 2 out of ten. But in any event, all the 300 yard folks are fine shooters.Factory Rifle 300 Yards….. Three folks ventured forth to try their hand in some “rain shooting” with factory rifles at 300 yds. Bob Lis from Utica NY used a box stock Savage 12 FVSS rifle in 223 Remington to post some amazing scores and take first place. He went 5 for 6, 5 for 5 and 2 for 10. That last relay was during a pretty heavy downpour! Tell me those Savage rifles don’t shoot! Second place was taken by Wayne Dylis also from Utica NY shooting a Remington 700 Varmint Rifle in 243 Winchester.Handgun 100 Yards…. Was taken by Dave Nuttall from Fall River, Massachusetts, shooting his Thompson Contender in 223 Remington. He posted a 5 for 7, 5 for 5 and a 5 for 10. All this shooting was done with a three power scope. Very impressive!Hunting Rifle 100 Yards… Kevin Deterra shooting a Romanian AK-47 with a 3-9 scope took the top spot at this event. This is a new event and we really need more folks to come shoot it. Any hunting type rifle is allowed. Bolt, lever, pump, semi-auto….whatever. It must have a factory barrel and some type of magazine and scope power can not be over 9X. You can have a more powerful scope, you just need to turn it down to 9X during the shoot. We’re hoping this event will get more folks to give our Egg Shoots a try.Lots of folks email me and ask for an equipment list. So the following is a sampling of what folks brought…….

Name Action Barrel Cartridge Scope Stock
Jon Wong Nesika Kreiger 6BR Weaver Tooley
George Harrison Rem Kreiger 6BR Weaver  
Joe Manning Nesika Kreiger 6BR Weaver Tooley
Roy Bertalotto Rem Kreiger 22-250AI Burris Tooley
Ed Pasco Win Factory 308   Factory
Gary Maciel XP-100 Rem 40X 6BR Weaver HunterBR
Robert Lis Savage Factory Rem 223 Burris Factory
Mike Cabral Cooper Factory 221 Fireball B&L Factory
Wayne Dylis Rem Factory 243Win Leupold Factory
Steve Evangelho Rem Factory 243Win Burris Factory
Steve Sylvia Rem Kreiger 6BR Weaver  
Alphonse Mattia Rem PacNor 6BR Weaver Tooley
Richard Douglas Savage Savage Factory 250   B&L Factory
Bill LaPlume Savage Factory 243 BSA Factory

The next three shoots are as follows:June 13th, Sept 5th and Oct 17thWe are also hosting two Rim Fire shoots on June 27th and Sept 6th. I’ll update folks on the rules etc if you email me at riflerange@juno.comMore info on Egg Shoots and all things that go BANG! Can be found at www.rvbprecision.comThat’s it for now………….keep it in the ten ring!Randy

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