October 2003

Ray Piche 1st Annual Memorial EGG SHOOT
October 19,2003

And a great day was had by all! Once again, our luck held out and the weatherman’s forecast for rain waited until just after the 300-yard folks stopped shooting. Don’t ya just love it when a plan comes together!Conditions were just about perfect for long range shooting. Nearly no wind and overcast skies. Temperatures in the low sixties. Perfect! I just hoped I had bought enough eggs. With conditions like this, the potential for lots of scrambling exists.Shooters came from as far a Utica NY and Connecticut for this event. The regulars were in force. Lee Reloading and Sierra Bullet stepped up to the plate and offered some fine prizes for the winners. We can’t thank them enough for once again supporting the shooting sports in a big way. Jeff and the boys at Woodcock Rifle Range in Dartmouth did a fantastic job in getting the range ready. It looked like a finely manicured park! Egg racks were set, benches were ready, and it was time to shoot!Enough with the rambling, let’s get on with the results. Once again, 200 yds is where the action is. Both Custom and Factory class were well represented.In the custom class, Al Joly of Attleboro with his CPS actioned, Maclennon barreled benchrest rifle hit fifteen eggs with fifteen shots to win first place. Second place wasn’t that easy. Bob Newman from Somerset, shooting a customized, rebarreled Savage rifle in 6BR got himself into a shoot-off with Chris McCaully from Attleboro, also shooting a customized, rebarreled Savage rifle in 6BR. These two fellows went through over thirty eggs without a miss, but finally someone had to win and when Chris missed, that left Bob with second place. Some fine shooting with lots of pressure during the shoot out.In the factory class, it once again came down to a shoot-off to determine first place. Roy Bertalotto of Dartmouth and George Harrison of New Bedford both went 15 for 15 during the competition. George and Roy have been dueling at egg shoots for years. A few times they’ve found themselves in a shoot out. And talk about different ways to get there. George was shooting a Remington 40X in 308 caliber, shooting heavy 168 Sierra bullets while Roy was shooting a Cooper Varminter in 221 Fireball, spitting out tiny 40 grain Nosler Ballistic Tip bullets. It only goes to show that just about any caliber can win. During the shootout, George pulled one of his shots and Roy went on to win his first Egg Shoot. Nice shooting boys!At three hundred yards, only Custom rifles showed at the line. Gary Maciel was in fine form with his Nesika Bay actioned rifle in 6BR shooting Sierra 107 bullets. He took first place and Roy Bertalotto shooting a Remington 700, Kreiger barreled rifle in 22-250 Ackley Improved took second place honors.We that’s it from here! Next shoot is November 23……Be There!Sincerely,
Randy Costa, Range Supervisor

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