October 2002


Submitted By Jonathan WongEgg Shoot Update, October 27, 2002Some folks thought the shoot would be canceled due to the heavy down
pour the day before. The weather for Sunday was perfect for shooting,
sunny, windy, and a slight chill. Not a cloud to be seen. The range was
drenched from the downpour but after the benches were wiped down and the
paper work was taken cared of the shoot began.Among the nine shooters that showed up for the first Egg shoot or Golf
shoot since we had golf balls. Everyone liked the idea of a smaller and
more challenging target besides being clean and reusable. This golf
shoot was very successful due to those that assisted. Many thanks to
Jeff Wittaker for making the stands, Bob Newman for the new sighter
targets, Maureen Powers for putting on the shoot, and Steve Sylvia for
setting up the golf balls especially mine. That will be the last time
Steve! Thanks to all that helped in getting the shoots at Woodcock! It
was a much easier set up.Everyone liked the new rules of shooting 5 mins of sighters and 5 mins
at the target from the last Egg shoot. We continued on the same line of
things.The 200 yard distance still holds for the most popular event. The custom
shooter’s were Al Jolly, Bob Newman, George Harrison and myself. The
first string was Al with 4 for 10, Bob with 5 for 5, George with 5 for
6, and myself with 5 for 5. The second string heated things up between
Bob 5 for 6 and myself 5 for 5 followed by George Harrison 5 for 7 and
Al Jolly 5 for 5. For the last string, my long time competitor, Bob was
hoping for a tie breaker after I missed the first shot especially when
he knew coming in first place was far from his reach but to his surprise
I missed the second shot also. That was very disappointing to someone
that hardly misses. Bob Newman had 5 for 5, I was 5 for 7, George was 5
for 6 and Al Jolly was 5 for 5.
Congratulations Bob!There were four factory shooters Bill LaPlume, Ed Pasco, Richard Douglas
and Chris. Ed Pasco won the
200 yd factory class twice in a roll and he is sure to be back next
year. Chris came in second followed by
Bill LaPlume and Richard ended with a DNF.There were no 300 yd challenges either in custom or factory this time
around. Mostly due to the high winds
several shooters decided not to shoot this event. What ever happened to
Gary Maciel? He usually wins the
300 yd custom.Ray Piche was the only one for the 100 yd handgun. He began with 5 for
5, ended with DNF.Many shooters have expressed an interest of having a 50yd and 100yd .22
rim fire golf shoot were kids will
Be able to participate. This would be a stock .22 rim fire rifle with a
scope.For next year we should have three 200/300yd golf shoot and three
50/100yd golf shoot.

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