September 2002


If you didn’t attend the Copicut Rifle Association Egg Shoot on September 8th, you missed some really great shooting! The weather once again participated and the boys were in a “scrambling” mode. This was the first shoot using the new rules and from what I heard from the shooters, they liked it much better. The new rules have the competitors drawing for relay and bench. Once the relay is called, the shooters have 5 minutes to get their equipment set up. Then they are allowed 5 minutes for sighter shots and/or to warm their barrels if they wish. At that point a cease fire is called and them immediately we go to five minutes of egg shooting. Each competitor shoots three relays with a maximum of ten shots to hit five eggs. A perfect score would be 15 eggs with 15 shots. Lots more shooting and a missed egg doesn’t automatically throw you out of the running. We all agreed to keep these rules for the foreseeable future of the event.So here’s the tale of the tape:100yd Scoped Pistol:Three shooters competed in this event. Ray Piche shooting a TC in 223 with a Burris 3X12 scope, Ron Maciel shooting a TC in 223 with a Burris 3-12X scope and Tom Myers shooting a Remington XP-100 in 22BR with a Burris 3-12X scope. Only six eggs were missed between them. This is some pretty fine shooting when you consider they are shooting eggs at one football field length! But in the end, Ray Piche once again walked away with the win, shooting a 5/5, 5/5 and a 4/5. Ron edged out Tom by one egg to gain second place.By the way, the pistol folks agreed to use only five rounds instead of ten. Makes it a bit more challenging.200yd Factory Rifle:This is the event that I really like. Factory guns with factory barrels. Great sport! Ed Pasco with his trusty Winchester Model 70 in 308 walked away with the honors. Ed started out slow with a 5/7 but finished up strong and completed with 15/18. Second place was Chris McCauley shooting a Remington 700 in 222. Chris shot a 15/19. Richard Douglas came in third with his Remington 700 in 22-250 shooting a 13/22200yd Custom Rifle:Talk about nice guns! This is getting serious! The line was full of Nesika Bays, Stolle, CPS and the like. And the shooting was just as impressive.Although the new rules were designed to let everyone shoot more and to hopefully end the shoot-offs, this event ended up with a shoot-off. Gary Maciel and Jonathan Wong got into the shoot-off. Each of them missed the first egg in the sudden death shoot-off. But after four more eggs apiece, Gary missed and Jonathan walked away with the victory. Third place was a tie between Bill Gaudaitis and Rob Silvers. They both shot a 15/17.300yd Custom Rifle:With the new rules, the folks that shot both 200 and 300 yds were running around like “one armed wallpaper hangers” . Clear the 200 yd bench, set up the 300 yd bench, back to the 200 yd…..! To shoot both events you must have two rifles. It just isn’t possible to be sighting in at two hundred and then switch to 300 and back again, six times!But Gary and Jonathan went for it anyways. Jonathan couldn’t get his gun shooting properly and DNF. Gary went on to shoot a 15/18! This was a “fine piece of shooting” to be sure!So that’s it for the September Egg Shoot.IMPORTANT!Since I will not be here for the October 27th shoot, and it was going to be cancelled, Gary and Jonathan have agreed to run it. It will be shot at the Woodcock Rifle Range in South Dartmouth, Massachusetts. Here are the directions. From Rt 195 heading either east or west take the Faunce Corner Rd exit. You will be heading south on Faunce Corner Rd. The North Dartmouth Mall will be on your right. Go straight through the intersection where the Dunkin Doughnuts shop is on your left. A little bit down the road you will come to a fork in the road, stay to the left. This is Chase Rd. Follow Chase Rd to the end. At the end take a right. This is Russell’s Mills Rd. About a half mile down you will see Woodcock Rd on the right. Take a right. The range is about a half mile down on the right. Can’t miss it.You can contact Jonathan at or call the Woodcock Range at 508-636-4669EQUIPMENT LIST:

Richard Douglas Rem700 22-250 B&L 36X
Chris McCauley Rem700 222 Leupold 6.5-20X
Ed Pasco Win 70 308 Leupold 6.5-20X
Jin Choi Bushmaster AR-15 B&L 6-24X
Bob Genovesi Rem700 223 Burris 18X
Custom 200:
Bob Newman Savage 6BR Weaver 36X
Jon Wong Nesika 6BR Weaver 36X
Gary Maciel Rem XP100 6BR Weaver 36X
Rob Silvers Nesika 22-250 Nightforce 5.5-22
Ray Kimball Stolle Panda 6ppc Weaver 36X
Bill Gaudaitis Stolle Panda 6ppc B&L 36X
Al Joly CPS AVL 6ppc Leupold 36X
Custom 300:
Jon Wong Nesika 6BR (1-8) Weaver 36X
Gary Maciel Nesika 6BR (1-8) Weaver 36X

See you next year!Enjoy

Roy Bertalotto

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