May 2007

Woodcock Rifle Range Egg Shoot Results
MAY 27

Weather: Perfect
Wind: Light
Shooter: Ready To Go!

What can I say, we keep lucking out on the weather!

Forty Six shooter went to the benches.

Here’s The results:

200Yd Factory: Ended up in a two way sudden death shoot out:
Bob Lis and Joe Hecht went at it for some time, but in the end, Joe ended up splattering one more egg than Bob and took home the Gold. And the gift certificate for a new Savage Rifle.

200 Yd Custom: This got real interesting! Four shooters ended up in a sudden death shoot-off. Joe Manning, Ryan Bertalotto, Gary Maciel and Jonathan Wong. We went through an entire rack of eggs laying on their side, small end toward the shooters. No problem for these guys. So we went with Golf balls. Still no problem. Hit!-Hit!-Hit! So we went with 45ACP cases painted orange. AT 200 FREAK’N YARDS! I lost count, but a bunch of them were hit until finally someone was victorious. Jonathan Wong took home the trophy this time. But all these guys deserve a round of applause.Amazing shooting!

300 Yd Factory: Now that we shoot this event first, when the winds are low, the scores are really adding up. Steve Guillette, shooting his now famous “home brew” cartridge, the 30 Grampy, was the winner

300 Yd Custom: How about a perfect score at 300 yds! Only the second time it has been done in 12 years. Joe Manning shot 15 eggs with 15 rounds at three football fields. Now THAT is good shooting! (Bob Newman was the only other “perfect” at 300 with a 308 40X)

100 Yd Sporting: We had another Shoot-Off. Steve Buck and Dave Nuttall went at it for a couple extra racks of eggs. Steve shooting an AR-15 and Dave a TC Pistol. Interesting.But in the end, someone has to win and Steve took home the prize.

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