June 2007

Woodcock Rifle Range
JUNE 24, 2007

WEATHER: Winds gusting every which way, 10-15 mph, Sunny, High 70s / Low 80s

39 Shooters reported for duty

300 Yd Factory
The windy conditions made for some pretty nasty scores. Either that, or everyone was out drinking the night before! But two folks got themselves into a shoot off. Steve Guillette and Robin Quilitzsch both ended up hitting 15 eggs with 24 rounds fired. But someone had to win and in the sudden death shoot off, Steve was victorious and took home yet another 300 yd factory trophy. If I’m not mistaken, I believe this is three in a row for Steve at 300 yds with that Remington 788 that shoots like a house afire.

300 Yd Custom
What can you say when the multi thousand dollar custom rifles are barely outshooting the factory guns at 300 yds! Conditions were that tough. Jonathan Wong took away the gold with a 15 – 21 score.

200 Yd Factory
Because of the amazing generosity of the Savage Firearms Company donating a 50% off gift certificate to the winner , this class has really heated up. Lots of folks have put away the custom irons and dug out those highly accurate varmint rifles to compete. Thirteen shooters showed up for work. And three of them got into a shoot off with 15 – 17 scores. Keith Baenzinger, Joe Hecht and Mike Ramella squared off. Egg after egg was hit, but in the end, Mike hit one more egg than everyone else and took away his second trophy of the day and the Savage certificate. Some days you’re hot!

200 Yd Custom
Once again, the “big boys” came to play. The 6BRs lined up and the egg popping began. These guns really can shoot, and the shooters behind the stocks aren’t bad also! Five shooters turned in perfect scores, 15 for 15. All very familiar names I might add. George Harrison, Joe Manning, Gary Maciel, Jonathan Wong and yours truly were in a sudden death shoot off. After shooting 15 eggs in a row without a miss, we all went another ten without a miss. That 25 eggs at two football fields without a miss! Seemed like we would be there all day! To make it more difficult we put 45ACP empty cases at 200 yds! With a 36X scope and an 1/8” dot, I could barely see them a way out there. But we all hit our first round! In the second relay, Gary was off just a bit and missed (very rare indeed) but the rest of us proceeded to the third round of fire. George shot first and missed, Joe went next and missed. My turn was next and that dang 45ACP case jumped right out of the way of my bullet! Jonathan was next and his 45ACP case gave up its life for the cause. Jonathan went home with the prize. But 25 eggs in a row and two 45ACP cases is some darn good shooting boys! All are congratulated.

100 Yd Hunting
Were doing something slightly different from here on out. We’ve broken up the 100 yd event into Centerfire and Rimfire. We want the event to appeal to more younger shooters, and having them compete against centerfire rifles just wasn’t fair. So.
In the centerfire category, we had two ARrifles, A TC Contender handgun and a heavy barrel varmint rifle. Mike Ramella’s AR-10 shot a perfect score to take home the bacon.

100 Yd Rim Fire
Rimfire was a blast! Kevin McConkey and Gino Federici both shot 15 – 21 and were in a sudden death shoot off. Kevin, with the birthday present rifle his parents bought him, was the winner. Marissa Dillon had a great day of shooting herself, with a 14 -26. Good shooting folks!

So that’s it for now. We don’t shoot in the heat of the summer. The next shoot is scheduled for Sept 9th and then Oct 14 after that.

Have a great Summer!


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