September 2007

Sept 9, 2007

The weather was a wee bit unsettled, but we had a ball anyways!

I’m going to make this quick as I’m late ion getting the results out………

Next Egg Shoot is October 14, 2007

BTW, right after
the Egg Shoot on the 14th, we are going to have a “Shoot for Score”
benchrest match. We’re trying this to see if folks might like to participate in
Benchrest for Score through the early winter and early spring months…..No rules
yet, bring what ya got!

200 Yd Factory:
1st Art Caputo 15/17 (shootoff)
2nd Keith Baenziger 15/17 (shootoff)
3rd Joe Hecht 15/18

200 Yd Custom:
1st Gary Maciel 15/15 (shootoff)
2nd (Tie – Shoot Off) Bob Lis, George Harrison, Robert Newman 15/15

300 Yd Factory:
1st  Joe Hecht 15/17
2nd Keith Baenziger 15/19
3rd Art Caputo 15/26

By the way….Amazing shooting for factory
rifles. Joe hit 15 eggs with only 17 rounds, Keith went 15 with 19 shots and
Art scrambled 15 with 26 rounds. Fantastic!

300Yd Custom:
1st Jonathan Wong 15/18 shootoff
2nd Ryan Bertalotto 15/18 shootoff
3rd Mike Cabral 14/23

100Yd Rimfire:
1st Charlie Silvia 15/17
2nd Kevin McConkey 15/23
Hali Viera 14/30

100Yd Centerfire:
1st Steve Buck 15/15

100Yd Pistol:
1st Roy Bertalotto 15/17
2nd Steve Guillette 15/20
3rd Ron Maciel 11/27


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