October 2009


October 4,2009



My lord! What a day!


The weather called for terrible conditions with downpours
and high winds. What we got were beautiful sunny skies and light winds. So much
for billions of dollars in weather forecasting.


  This shoot had the
pleasure of hosting Steve Christiansen
from Proactive Sales and Marketing, the manufacturers rep for Savage Arms. Steve brought a bunch of rifles and shotguns from
Savage for us to fondle. Greatly appreciated! Savage Arms has been a very
generous sponsor of the Woodcock Rifle Range Egg Shoots for years, and it is
appreciated. We even got Steve on a
bench and he proved he can walk the walk with a few nice scrambled eggs!


 On to the winners………


100 YD Rimfire

  Bob Ping took the
honors with 15 eggs hit with 16 shots. In the windy conditions with only a 9X
scope, that’s some good shooting.


100 YD Hunting / Sporting

  Chris Ramella took the
trophy in this class. Nice work!


100 YD Handgun

  Gordon Guisti, shot
a 15 for 15 to take the honors here.


200 YD Factory

  Steve Travers, shooting a Savage, went 15 for 15 to
win the Trophy and the Savage rifle gift certificate.


200 YD Custom

  More records were
broken. EVERYONE in the first two relays shot perfect scores!  Last month we had this happen in one relay,
but never in two. Five shooters went 15 for 15 in all three relays and caused a
five way “Sudden Death” Shoot Off. We switched from eggs to ½” diameter, Dum
Dum lollipops to really give the folks a challenge. Gary Marciel, Jonathan
Wong, Chris Ramella, Steve Buck and
George Harrison all went to the line for the shoot-off. I figured this would go
fast as out of the five, maybe one would actually hit a ½” target. But all five
cleared their first shot. Amazing! Back around again and only one shooter
missed. I couldn’t believe it. But in the end, Jonathan Wong had hit four of
the little devils in a row, but Steve
Buck, shooting a box stock factory Savage in 308 hit five in a row to take home
the gold! That is some amazing shooting. Congratulations……


300 YD Factory

  Bill LaPlume brought
30-06 ammo for his 22-250 rifle! So he had to use one gun for both 300 and 200
yds. But he had just enough ammo for two stages. If there was a shoot-off, he
wouldn’t have enough ammo. But not to worry, he handily took the honors without
getting into a shoot-off.


300 YD Custom

  Jonathan Wong’s fire
stick was shooting great. Jonathan hit 15 eggs with 15 shots at 300 yards……in
the wind! Simply fantastic shooting.


Thanks to all for a great year! Especially grandfather Steve Silvia and his grandson Tim and Jeff W who
spent hours setting up the range, setting eggs and tearing it all down at the


And a thanks to Bob Ping who always supplies venison chilli
and bergers and dogs at no charge to the folks.


We hope to see you all next year. Dates will be posted in


Steve Travers accepting award for 200YD Factory from Steve Christiansen


Steve Buck accepting trophy from Steve Christiansen for Custom 200Yds

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