September 2000


September 10, 2000Great weather, near perfect conditions! This is getting boring. Seems every time we schedule a shoot the weather gods smile on us!We had a great turnout at this event. Lots of shooters and a bunch of spectators to cheer the shooters on. Once again, thanks to all the folks that showed up to help. We had a few club members that set targets all day so the shooters didn’t have to drive back and forth to set the eggs. This is a great help and it keeps the shooter rested and the scores show the results.100 yd Pistol (9X or less scope)… This was one of the most exciting pistol shoots we have had at the event. We ended up with a three-way shoot off between Mark Piche, Ray Piche (Mark’s dad) and Bill Gaudaitis. These three folks were in a sudden death shoot off for nearly 20 minutes. They just didn’t miss! Mark and Ray were shooting Ray’s Contender in 223 and Bill was shooting a TC Encore in 22-250. But in the end, Mark proved the winner. This was Marks first Egg Shoot! Congratulations!200 yd Factory Rifle…This was a first. We have a tie! We basically ran out of time and had to award the trophy to two shooters. Jonathan Wong was shooting his 40X in 308 and Shawn Riley had his brand new Sako Varminter in 6PPC doing the honors. 200 yd Custom Rifle…This is still my favorite event. This is true marksmanship. Your gun needs to be top notch. Your reloads need to be perfect. This is where the “real men” play! (sorry Maureen). No excuses are accepted. If you don’t go 5 for 5 here, you lose! We ended up with a three-way sudden death shoot off. Tom Meyers, Ray Piche and Randy Costa. These boys can shoot! But this time it was Randy who hung in there and did the damage. Randy has been in a bunch of shoot offs over the years, but just never seemed to pull it together at the end. This time it was his day. Great shooting Randy!Randy was shooting a superbly built and perfectly executed rifle (mine J). I built this rifle on a Nesika Bay “J” action with a Krieger barrel set into a McMillian Tooley MBR stock. Fire control is courtesy of a Jewell BR trigger set at 1.5 ozs. Topped of with Jewell rings and bases and a Weaver T-36 scope. Chambered in 6BR with a .262 neck. The gun just shoots! During the day, four different shooters shot it for the first time and all of them went 5 for 5! In fact, throughout the day the rifle was fired 41 times. Three sighters in the morning, and then all the rest at eggs. Out of the 38 rounds fired, 37 eggs fell! Only one shot fired at an egg missed all day. And guess who was behind the gun when that miss was recorded! (hint-me) Ugh!300 yd Factory Rifle…Jonathan Wong and his 40X took the honors.300 yd Custom Rifle…Bill Gaudaitis and Gary Maciel got themselves into a shoot off. Both of these shooters went 5 eggs with 6 shots! An egg at 300 yards is one tiny target. Throw in a little bit of wind and it makes for some fine sport. But in the end, Gary hung in there and walk away with the trophies. Gary was shooting an XP-100 rifle in 6BR and Bill was shooting his Remington 700 actioned 6BR. Good shooting guys!HONORABLE MENTION… Goes to John Beaumont. John is an accomplished NRA High Power shooter and a good friend of mine. He shot the 300 yd event in his shooting coat in the prone position with a Remington 700PSS in 308 with a Nikon scope set at 10X. Remember, all the other shooters are shooting off benches and using Bench Rest techniques and upwards of 36X scopes. John shot 5 eggs with 8 shots in this position! Lots of practice has really paid off in John’s shooting. I wish someone would start running “F” class shoots around here. I would really like to try that myself.Well that’s it for now. The BIG Egg Shoot of the year will be on October 10th. Hope to see you there! As always, full details and directions can be found on my web page, along with a bunch of other firearms and motorcycle stuff) at www.rvbprecision.comSee ya!………..Roy

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